Inspiring Cloud Quotes

When your day is down avoid feeling low, here is Inspiring Cloud Quotes

Clouds Quote #1

"Clouds are like humans, some of them are black." By - Miggy Villas

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Clouds Quote #2

"Our problems are not the essential part of our lives. 

They're like clouds over the water . Beneath them, we are clear. 

The tension of others emotion can block our own clarity and depth."

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Clouds Quote #3

"Success is like a tree that reaches the clouds, the roots that hold it up are invisible.

They’re beneath the ground, Having spent years digging through the hard ground to stabilize."

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Clouds Quote #4

"Positivity isn’t standing in the rain and saying it’s not raining. 

Positivity is about finding the silver lining in the clouds."

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Clouds Quote #5

"When things didn't go as you planned, don't be let down. The sun doesn't stop shining just because of dark clouds." By - Manin

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Clouds Quote #6

Those who fly the highest often fly alone and usually have the longest wings.

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Clouds Quote #7

Even behind prison walls I can see the heavy clouds and the blue sky over the horizon  

Nelson Mandela

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