IBM PowerVM management using Management Console

Management console provides options to manage the IBM PowerVM or the Virtual IO Operating System(VIOS). IBM PowerVM is the server that runs IBM AIX Operating System as base and manages the virtualization of network and storage of complete IBM Power System.

PowerVM provides options to virtualize the network by creating the shared ethernet adapters and it bridges the internal power system network with the external network. You need to attach one physical network adapter per vios in order to create the Shared Ethernet Adapter and set the network to all your AIX Logical Partitions.

Similarly PowerVM also manages the storage there are multiple ways to virtualize the storage. First is using the SCSI protocol you provide the vSCSI disk to your AIX Logical Partition. Second option is by creating a pool of VIOS disks generally referred as shared storage pool(SSP) and then sharing the ssp disk to AIX Logical Partition. Third is partitioning the VIOS disk to create smaller sizes of disks called logical volumes. To virtualize storage using vois you need to connect a direct physical Storage adapter to your vios.


ibm aix

As you know there are four resources that require any operating system to run successfully : CPU, Memory, Storage and Network. So you create your PowerVM VIOS by configuring these four resources using the management console. In the below gif image I have shown assignment of CPU and Memory and then assigning two adapters to the vios these two adapters are FC(Storage) and Ethernet(Network) adapter. Finally after setting up the summary you get two options to create  the vios or directly install the vios using network, click finish to create vios. 


ibm powervm management

Management console provides these options to manage your PowerVM VIOS they are Power On(activate), Power Off(shutdown), Schedule Operation, Open Terminal of your VIOS, The other operations are change vios profile, modify profile where you can add/remove the vios resource such as cpu, memory, network adapters and storage adapters. Note that to reflect your profile changes in VIOS you may require shutdown and then activate your VIOS, try DLPAR instead while VIOS is running to skip shutdown activate cycle.

ibm powervm cpu memory storage and network management


By double clicking the vios you will see the same options again. You can change the vios name, but here in this page you get the options for dynamic logical partitioning(DLPAR) from the left panel. You can change the resource dynamically by selecting the cpu, memory, physical adapters section from the left panel and then perform the storage / network adapter removal or addition. 

You also have the option to connect sr iov logical port by selecting the hardware virtualized io section and then assign the adapter to the vios. Virtual storage and virtual network are just to view the virtual mappings of vios server to aix client. Remaining options are just the task logs any operations you perform will display an entry of the task.

Conclusion: The PowerVM VIOS is somewhat similar to your standalone AIX Operating system where you connect direct storage and network physical adapter, but with added capabilities to virtualize the storage and network.

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