How to Use Blogger to Earn Money using Google AdSense

In this article I will be explaining to you about how to use Blogger to Earn Money using Google AdSense. There are multiple streams to use blogger and start earning like affiliate marketing, selling your own product or selling others products on your blog. Here I shall be explaining to you Google AdSense earning in simple terms.

make money by google adsense

Google AdSense is one of the methods where you can earn money by displaying advertisements on your blog. Google AdSense acts as middleman to connect between the Advertiser (Who Sells His Products) with the Publisher(One who owns blogger or YouTube Channel)

Google AdSense uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence based algorithm that reads cookies on your browser and displays Advertisements according to your browsing interest. Also if you don't have browsing history the Advertisements are displayed according to your blog article content or YouTube video content. For example on blog / YouTube videos that teach cooking the Advertisements like Zomato, FreshtoHome, Groffers etc get displayed.

How do You Earn using Google AdSense

Below is google ad revenue calculator where there are two types of earnings, CPM and CPC. 

CPM is Cost Per Mile (Thousand) Impression, if Google AdSense displays 1000 ads on your blog page you will earn somewhere around 1 USD to 2 USD depending on the advertiser profile. 

CPC is Cost Per Click if your blog reader clicks on the ads that are published on your blog article you end up earning higher somewhere around $1 to $40 based on your advertiser profile.

Setting up AdSense on your Blog / Website 

There are three simple methods to setup Google AdSense on your blogger website
  • Get  Google AdSense Code
  • Setup on your Blogger
  • Have Patience and Wait for approval

Get Google AdSense Code

First is to sign in to google AdSense website Get started with AdSense ( Enter your website and then email address. Once you get signed in, AdSense code gets generated with the Customer Id; copy the AdSense code and Network down the AdSense customer ID and from the Google AdSense. You may also get an email from Google AdSense, a step by step method to set up your AdSense account.

google adsense code

Setup on your Blogger

A) Setup your ads.txt file on blogger, in blogger you don't have explicit ads.txt file embedded within the blogger settings. So you should add your google AdSense publisher id (16 digit number) it appears some thing like this replace zero with your customer id., pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Go to your blogger settings, go to monetization section, enable monetization and in the custom ads.txt add the above code, make sure you replace your publisher id with zeros.

set up your blogger for google adsense


B) You should place your google AdSense code in your blogger theme code as well to get started with earning. Go to blogger theme go to customize and drop down Edit HTML. You shall see <head> tag </head> you should place your AdSense code in the middle of header tag some thing like this
<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-0000000000000000" async src=""></script>

google adsense place html code


C) Enable earnings; once you set up your AdSense on your blogger you should enable auto ads on your blogger. Go to click earnings and connect / enable the auto ads option from your blogger. 


enable google adsense autoads


Have Patience and Wait for approval

Once you have set the adsense on your blogger it takes time for the Google AdSense Team to review your website. As this takes time you should consider writing pages related to Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us and Terms and Conditions based on usage of your blogger / website.

Google AdSense Algorithms also evaluates your blogger. It tries to find the articles that have lesser content / the content that has repeated content; if this is the case AdSense will reject the request. Also you should have an eye-catching website with more content for readers to read and not leave your website with just under construction. Once these points are taken care of you shall get immediate approval.

Google AdSense Customer Support

The first line of support for Google AdSense is the AdSense Support center where representatives from Google try to answer your question. If you have any specific questions you can ask over here

You can also browse some of the questions that have been previously answered here

If your AdSense account  has been deactivated to some of the google adsense policy violations, or due to invalid traffic you can appeal to re activate your google adsense account from the below link. It will take 30 day time for Google AdSense engineers to review your appeal, it may take more than one month in some cases. Below is the link for AdSense Gmail appealing for reactivating AdSense account.

Please note there is no such Google AdSense contact number or google AdSense customer service where you can contact the support by Google. Only way you can get support for google AdSense is via the above links.

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