Dog jumps with Excitement

Viral #1: Dog jumps with excitement watching soccer

dog jumps





Viral News Today : Dog watching soccer gets excited and jumps from sofa drops on floor.










Viral #2: Bengal Tiger Respects Elephant




A Bengal Tiger paves the way for Elephant after noticing that Elephant is walking on path towards the Tiger.








Viral #3: Madurai couple got married in a flight


madurai couple marriage

A couple from Madurai, Tamil Nadu got married on-board a SpiceJet chartered flight. Their relatives and guests were on the same flight.

Viral #4: Bull Fight on Road, Never Giving Up

viral bull fight

Two Bulls challenge each other, fight in the middle of the village road. Size does not matter to challenge any one, you should have courage to fight back.




Viral #5: Smart Monkey Closes Running Tap Saves Water

viral news today

Smart Monkey drinks water by opening tap and closes it after drinking water/ The monkey move is appreciated over internet for its smartness to save water


Viral #6: Doctor's Dancing to Seetimaar



Group of Doctor's Dance to "Seetimaar" song from Salman Khan' Latest Released Movie Radhe







Viral #7: Mom Daughter Duo Singing Together 

Viral News Today

(Image Source : LinkedIn)

Viral News Today Mom Daughter singing song "Agar Tum Saath Ho" song from Movie Tamasha going Viral on LinkedIn.

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