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Writing articles for your blog with very good content, having quality information and formatting the article to be comfortable to the reader is not enough, you should share the post on social networking. If you try writing as many as 1000 blogs, having done good SEO, none will read them. You should be able to drive both organic and inorganic traffic to your website. 


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Inorganic traffic includes traffic from social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Whats App and Twitter. These are major social networking websites that drive traffic to your website. Also other inorganic methods to drive traffic to your website displaying your website advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking websites. Below are some of the tips to drive traffic to your website

Tip #1 Write Original Content

Yes you should write your original content and your original images in your articles. Avoid copying it from existing websites or existing pdf’s. The images that you post in your article should be of your own, there are some images that are free you can use them but in limited quantity.
When you write your original content many start reading it and start following your quality of writing. Write content in the right format like, Main Heading, Introduction, Sub Headings, Introduction, Images and Pictures and Finally Conclusion. 

Avoid spelling mistakes, and the articles should be having minimal characters of 300. If your article is copied and has spelling mistakes your AdSense will not be displaying ads on to your article. Once you get to know that on your pages google ads are not getting displayed you can correct it and publish it. The best tool to use online is Grammarly, its best AI based tool for writing best articles, grammar checking and Plagiarism detection.

The other free tool you can use is Google Docs I prefer to use Google Docs for writing, editing, research, checking grammar and plagiarism.

Tip #2 Drive traffic to your website from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. It is the best available platform for social networking with your working community. When you are writing technical articles it helps you to share on LinkedIn, you may get noticed as well when you start writing the technical articles in your work domain.

When you share an article there are three things that matter: first is the headline, the headline should be eye catchy, the second is the article image it should be relevant to your article and third is you should be using the hashtags that are relevant to your article. Adding hashtags enables your article not only to share with your connections but also with the hashtags that others on LinkedIn are following it.

Tip #3 Drive traffic to your website from Facebook and Twitter

If you have more followers on social networking websites like Facebook and twitter you can share your article on these micro blogging websites. You can also tag the co writers that help you in writing the articles while posting the article as a Facebook / twitter post. 

The three things that matter while posting on LinkedIn remain the same for Facebook / Twitter posts. First trendy headline, Second is relevant image and this is the relevant hashtags. Facebook and Twitter are social networking websites but LinkedIn is the professional network community. Make sure you understand the difference between these and on social networking websites news, viral videos, motivational quotes get trendy.

Tip #4 Drive traffic to your website from Whats App

If you are on whats app and have a huge amount of whats app contacts that see your status daily then this is one possible way of sharing your article. Just share the article on your whats app status. If you have groups in your whats app share the details there as well. Make sure you share the relevant articles that one may be interested to read on your whats app contact group. 

Tip #5 Good Content Gets shared by Itself

When you write genuine content and that is useful to one particular community, nation or based on entertainment. The article may go viral and when the article goes viral it keeps shared by the readers who read it. You should be working hard on your article to make your reader change from reader to person who actually helps you in sharing it with others.


What is the best method to get free traffic to Blogger site?

The best method to get traffic to your website is using the above four social networking websites. If you have a huge number of followers you shall get a good amount of traffic to your website.

Conclusion :

I tried my best to bring out some of the inorganic ways to drive traffic to your website. Hope you liked it, if you have any suggestions, concerns or queries related to these, please feel free to contact me on above listed social media websites like LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter.



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