How to Use Google Blogger as a Website

Here I will be explaining to you How to Create a Website using Google Blogger. Once you have correctly followed my articles you should be having a high quality website type blog. The thing I am referring to is the blog that is going to be a website that should have a well designed template and eye catching style and design.

There are two things to consider while you purchase the domain: first is hosting and the next is buying a domain. In the case of Google Blogger Hosting is free and you don't get charged for hosting your articles / web posts on it. Only charge you will have to pay is purchasing a domain, domain is nothing but your website name with added prefix WWW and added suffix  dot com at the end.

Step 1: Buying a Domain Name

There are two ways to buy the domain

    A) Buy Domain from Third Party Websites Like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, Shopify, Hostinger and then registering it into Blogger

    B) Buy Directly from Google Domains (Google Blogger) I prefer this option.

Step 1.1: Buying Domain from Third Party

First method of buying a domain is very simple: search the best Domain Registering Website Enter your Google Email ID, your permanent address, look for the domain you require and then pay for it. Then follow the method given below to attach it to Google Blogger.


Step 1.2: Buying Domain Direct from Google Domains

In the second method to buy the domain from Google Domains. Login to your google account then open the URL and search for your favorite domain that you needed, for example you may also see higher prices for some of the domain names or some times the domain name may already be registered. So you don't have to worry, modify the domain names and keep trying with dot com, dot in or dot info.


buy a domain


Step 2: Searching and Selecting your Domain Name

Once you found the domain keyword feasible to your blog niche try registering it in your name by providing the address and then purchase the domain. The domain cost is fixed based per year basis, you also have the option to buy a domain for more than the year.

After you register your domain you should attach the domain to your blogger, so open your blogger and go to the settings page. At the settings page, look for the publishing page and then click custom domain. Enter your domain name with dot com or dot in or any other, avoid entering WWW prefix, click Save button and wait for 1 hour.

Step 3.1: Attach Domain Name to Blogger from Google Domains

If you have registered your website using google domains URL you get an option to connect it to a blogger on the same website. Just click the website option from the left panel and select the blogger and click connect or disconnect.


google blogger as website


Once you connect your website to the blogger it will take one hour time to complete the DNS and other settings after one hour time frame you will be able to load your website URL from any part of the world.


Step 3.2: Attach Domain Name to Blogger from Blogger Website

After one hour of attaching the blog to your website you should be able to open your website onto your browser. If you require enabling HTTPS settings on your blogger this will have data transfers with highly secure SSL/ TLS based connection, I suggest you enable the HTTPS secure option.




You also get an option to buy the custom domain from blogger website as well just click publishing, custom domain and then Buy a Domain, it will lead you to here you follow the same process as mentioned in Step 1.2 and complete the registration process.


In this article I tried a simple method on how you can use google blog as your website. This method can be used for personnel websites and blogs.

Hope you liked my article and let me know your feedback on improving this article, above is my social link.

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