How can I get my Indane gas DAC number?

How can I get my Indane gas DAC number?

I too was having the same question when I got up early in the morning and mistakenly deleted the SMS sent by Indane Oil Corporation. So there are methods to get your DAC code first thing is not to panic. Below are the methods that you can get if your DAC code SMS gets deleted.

There are three ways to get Indane Refill DAC Number

  1. SMS
  2. IVRS
  3. Indane Oil One App

So if you book a cylinder using the IVRS phone number tel:+917718955555 and you shall receive an SMS quoting your DAC code is so and so. If you delete the SMS by mistake you can still get your DAC code.

Method of IVRS

Call to the same telephone number tel:+917718955555 and in the IVRS menu select your language Press 1 for English. Next the IVRS menu will get your last four digits of your customer number and Indane Gas Distributor Agency name Press again 1 to confirm and move on.

Now the IVRS menu will spell out the Booking Reference number and delivery time and the DAC code. The DAC code is spelled so fat that it's hard to note it down. Call the IVRS phone number or have the call recorder so that you can replay the call recorded and note down your DAC code.

indane gas booking dac number

Next Method is Indane Oil One App

If you have knowledge of using an app try installing the Indane Oil One app on your mobile. Enter your mobile number and register your phone number and sign up if you are a new customer and register yourself for the first time user.  

indane gas booking dac number


After registering yourself it will list four things first is your name as provided above screenshot. Second is the LPG Refill Booking Number that you have recently booked. Third is your DAC code and fourth is the booking status. The important thing is note down your DAC code and provide it to your LPG Refill delivery boy.

Mobile App Link to get Indane gas booking dac number

About Indane gas booking dac number

Indane gas booking dac number is a four digit number to authenticate yourself if you are the actual  customer who has booked the refill or not. It's like your OTP to complete your LPG refill transaction. You will have to furnish this four digit code to your delivery boy and complete your transaction by taking the refill. Full form of DAC is delivery authentication code.

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