Best Blogging Niche in India

In this article I will be explaining to you about the Best Blogging Niche in India, There are many trending topics running in India but we will focus on top niches that will mend you the money.  The Blogging Ideas that we are talking about will get higher traffic going forward in the future years. So this article will be really helpful for you keep reading.

Best Blogging Niche in India

List of Best Blogging Niche in India

Blog Niche #1 Viral Videos

Viral News, Viral Images and Viral Videos are trending these days, as every one having smart phones these days with internet connectivity. Many sub celebrities working hard to make their videos go viral. Also people don't have time to go to each and every Instagram account or twitter account or Facebook account or the LinkedIn accounts that are going viral.

So there is an opportunity here to collect all the Viral Video / News / Images that are getting viral in to a blog. A blog is collection of articles, if these articles are filled with the viral news and then you again start sharing them back in to your social media then you will get socially recognized and there will be maximum traffic. 

Blog Niche #2 Jobs and Consulting

Every one has one or the other Jobs like cooking, home cleaning, web designing, software testing, plumbing, construction etc. Once you become expert in them you will get skilled and will be available to consult other with the skills you got. When you understand your domain completely you also get to know the jobs that are there in your domain.

Having said that you have an info regarding job openings and consulting. You can start an Job Posting website with added consulting knowledge. There are 4 lack engineering students and 6 lack non engineering students graduate every year. So there need Job opportunity is huge in this particular blog idea. 

Blog Niche #3 Tips to Star Making 

With the invention of smart phones and their applications like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube many are posting their thoughts, images and videos on Internet. Every one aspires to become celebrity or sub celebrity these days and it has become career as well. The earning potential is scalable in case of YouTuber, Instagram or TikTok account holder.

You can create a blog about setting up things for making YouTube Videos or Tik Tok Videos or Instagram videos. You can educate people on how to use markup and grooming before they go Live on Instagram / YouTube / TikTok.  You can also educate people on cameras that you use, tools and techniques you use for making videos. 

This niche will make headline once it gets on social and recognized. You will not only increase traffic but you shall make others earn their income with this idea. You can also showcase the Style, Status of other celebrities on this blog and what's special about their status.

Blog Niche #4 Health and Fitness

This niche is highly dominating from past 10-20 years although it should have been at top most niche but as the competition is high so getting it to top 4 ranking. Health and Fitness is the top most priority either its you or I we focus on health and wellbeing.

There are many websites that provides health and fitness tips and there is huge competition in this domain. So if you are planning some a blog about heath and fitness you should be considering bringing some new ideas in to health and fitness. IF there is fresh ideas and new techniques about health and fitness people will start liking the blog.

Blog Niche #5 Personnel Finance

Personnel finance and wealth are the dominating topics floating around the internet. Make Money Online Easy and Fast, ways to earn cash online, invest money online and earn, make money immediately online and earn money with investment online are trending these days.

You can bring in some thing new ideas in to the Personnel Finance and Wealth Creation idea where your readers start reading them. You can think topics like best stock picks, today share buy recommendations and top shares to buy today for intraday you will have to work on it on daily basis yeah this will mend you money.

Personnel Finance and Wealth Creation is vast domain you can also write reviews of wealth creation techniques by famous authors like Warren Buffet, Wealth Creation by Arkad (Character from Book richest man in Babylon), Ideas from Rich Dad Poor Dad and compare them with each other. With these ideas you start making you blog interesting to your readers.

Adding to the Personnel Finance and Wealth Creation you can write about richest person in the world, top 10 businessmen in world, companies that grow multifold in future, business that will grow in future etc. Along with these you can also focus on startup and entrepreneurship that are budding and have potential to show future growth.

Blog Niche #6 YouTube Short Video and Web Series Review

The number of YouTubers have increased from past three years showcasing their vlogs related to cooking, travel, short video, movie trailer, viral videos, celebrity videos, daily news videos etc. The YouTube viewers are not aware of vloggers that are sharing rich data on the internet, rich data that acquire more followers and makes news all over the internet. You can create a blog about the top ten best cooking channels on YouTube, best travel vloggers on YouTube, best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube, short films YouTube channel.

Due to COVID19 Lockdowns many have stayed at their homes, working remotely and started living with entertainment that they have on OTT platforms. Even Movies these days are getting released on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HotStar etc. So you can write about the movie releases and web series releases.

Web Series have become the trending hot cakes these days. So you can write about the best web series on amazon prime and Netflix the trending are like Abhishek Bachchan web series on amazon prime, , crime web series on amazon prime Hindi, web series like mirzapur on amazon prime, hottest Hindi web series on amazon prime, amazon prime web series watch online free, amazon prime web series 2019. These are currently trending on Amazon Prime Web Series.

Not only Amazon and Netflix are releasing the web series but also Indian OTT players and other app based web series have arrived on the internet. Other Indian OTT players are SonyLiv, JioCinema Web Series, HotStar, Ullu and Alt Balaji some of the trending topics you can write here are hotstar prime web series, hundred web series season 2, khul ja sim sim web series, best shows on altbalaji, alt balaji best series list and their release dates etc.

Blog Niche #7 Motivational, Love and Devotional Quotes  

Quotes are a very important part of life and the domain and opportunity is very huge, if you want to convey something to someone or you're  down with failure and you require a dose of motivation or feeling blessed. You can start a blog related to Quotes. The list of Niches that are old but are still valid are Health Quotes, Buddha Quotes, Veterans Day Quotes, GrandParents Quotes, Divorce Quotes, short attitude quotes, social media quotes, good morning love quotes.

You should think more rather than just blogging the quotes and living readers to come and read them and get excited. The tasks that I am suggesting here is to look into your social networking handle and start sharing the quotes there as well. The quotes you create for the purpose of blog can also be shared on Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts. Best trending is Instagram, something called clouds quotes. These days readers are excited towards biker quotes, car quotes. 

You can create an image from scratch using PowerPoint presentation for example to create clouds quotes you can create clouds and then copy the quotes into them. The famous quotes that readers are looking are for famous personalities and motivational speakers like vincent van gogh quotes, Disney movie quotes, coco chanel quotes, david goggins quotes.

The other areas that are not trending but are still value add are Motivational Quotes some thing like Monday morning quotes. Relationship Quotes are divorce quotes, feminist quotes,  acceptance quotes, confused quotes, i love my family quotes, short attitude quotes, good, morning my love quotes. Devotional Quotes you can look into somethings like God Quotes, devil quotes, religious quotes, meditation quotes etc.

The domain is vast make sure you look into these as well before making your decision Best Friendship Quotes, Famous Personality Quotes, Monday Quotes, Growth Mindset Quotes.

Blog Niche #8 Sharing your Stock Market Knowledge

Knowledge is Money, 20 years back money was in factories and industries, 10 years back you would have made money in IT and Software Industry. Now in this era money is in Knowledge, if you have information about events or news that is of huge value and none in the world are aware of. The readers are ready to pay for that advice. 

Stock Market works similarly, many are not aware of the inside story but still they do some research and invest in the stock thinking its good. Here is an opportunity for you to get in this vertical. You can write about fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market. If you are an expert in the stock market you can suggest free online stock charts, stock pattern analysis and more specifically about stock technical analysis tools that you are using. 

Many are new to the stock market you can also suggest hot to open share trading account online India, the best open trading account online India. You can also suggest how to open a demat account online India, compare different brokers like trending accounts in Zerodha vs Upstox, SBI Smart vs ICICI Sec, IIFL Securities vs Motilal Oswal Securities etc. Benefits of opening open demat and trading accounts online vs offline. Others topics include freebies free demat account opening india and open trading account in India free without any charges

You can also suggest portfolio related news, stock portfolio recommendations that you are holding or others are holding, creating a dividend portfolio i.e. stocks that give you huge dividends. You can also recommend a stock portfolio website that is flexible in tracking the stocks live and you can compare with each other. The best and trending stock recommendation now in India is Sanjiv Bhasin Director at IIFL Securities Ltd investors look for Sanjiv Bhasin latest recommendations, Sanjiv Bhasin Website, Sanjiv Bhasin YouTube Channel, Sanjiv Bhasin latest tips on market, commentary of Sanjiv Bhasin on market. 

Blog Niche #9 New Product Launches 

Yup !!! you got what I am trying to convey you, a blog is means of making money. When the product launches the companies will advertise them, if you are using an AdSense or affiliate market you can earn money on an exponential basis. 

How will it work. Company launches products and spends on advertising products, you write a review about the new launch and its dates and how to use the product. Obviously your website will get ranked higher as well as visitors will start increasing.

The online product launches you can write reviews about are zero zero web host, infinityfree web hosting, free web hosting for django, amazon aws free web hosting, nonprofit web hosting. So this was about web hosting now let's talk about ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, JioMart, IndiaMart, CarDekho these are some websites that will obviously launch offers and products on an everyday timeline.

Now getting into offline product launches readers on the web are excited about cars and suvs. The most trending in these domains are xuv 500 launch, jeep compass facelift launch, kia new launch, kia new car launch, xuv500 facelift 2021, nissan new launch. Others in two wheeler domains are ktm new launch husqvarna, honda dio bs vi standard, yamaha fz upcoming model, svm prana electric bike if you are car and bike driving enthusiastic you can start writing about them.

Blog Niche #10 Cooking, Home Remedies and Diet Planning

This niche is very huge, growing day by day and tremendous. Let me explain to you the reasons behind this, first is lockdowns - many have been locked down or quarantined and start cooking their own food. Second is people are looking for healthy food rather than fast foods or street food. Third, looking for a cure at home as hospitals are filled up. Etc. You can get as many reasons as possible

Sub Blog Ideas #1 Cooking 

You can write about general cooking, types of cooking, basics of cooking, methods needed to follow during the cooking process. You can share healthy recipes that you cook at your home to others and also understand what others are cooking. You can learn new techniques that are being followed around the world if you start exploring the cooking niche.

Sub Blog Ideas #2 Indian and Foreign Food Recipe Blogs

Many people in India don’t know the healthy olden days recipes, if they know also they generally don’t cook it although they know it's healthy they order it from zomato or swiggy or food panda apps. You can start a food blog website and start sharing the easiest and fast method to cook unique recipes at homes. This will increase your cooking skills and your blog may become the best food blogs in the recipe domain.

Sub Blog Ideas #3 Home Remedies

Many do not know about treatment for some minor illness that can be cured at home itself, instead they go to the doctor during their illness. You can write a blog about home remedies that can be used for example home remedy for runny nose, teeth problems, home remedies, natural tooth pain relief, fever treatment at home, natural remedies for dry mouth etc.

Sub Blog Ideas #4 Medicinal Herbs and their uses

If you have knowledge about Medicinal Herbs and their usefulness you can start herbalist websites. Medicinal Herbs like ginger, garlic, tulsi, ashwagandha, Shilajeet, bhringraj
 Etc. You can write their uses, advantages, availability and prices in the local market or online store. 

Sub Blog Ideas #5 Diet Planner

You can plan a healthy diet for those communities who are busy working all day and don't work on their diet. Some of the ideas that you can choose are a 5 meal plan, 3 meal plan, meal plan for kids, 7 day meal plan to lower cholesterol are trending these days. Make sure you plan separate for Non Vegetarians, Vegetarians, Vegan Diets and Eggetarians. You can also write about meal plans for kids, no rice diet plan for weight loss, smoothie diet plan, one day meal plan can also be looked at.

Sub Blog Ideas #6 Celebrity and Politicians News 

As you know, celebrities and politicians do eat and they eat and drink healthy and quality foods. You can write about celebrities and politician news on cooking, diet planning and their thoughts about foods. This will start making your blog famous as well as you will start increasing your website traffic. Look for opportunities around you and get started with writing.


The fact to succeed in blogging is to have an idea that’s non-obvious and trending. None should have been thinking of an idea that you are going to write about, then your success chances are 100 percent. Hope you were able to understand the blog ideas that I was trying to convey. Hope it benefits you in all your blogging journey.

Thank you for reading my article.

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