Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Good Sleep

Best fruits, vegetables, gram or herbs for sleep and anxiety, here are home remedies for good sleep at night

  1. Sugar Apple / Sweetsop  / Custard apple makes your body temperature cool, helps in getting good sleep
  2. Ginger tea helps you in digestion if you had heavy meal at night
  3. Chamomile tea the aroma of tea helps induce sleep
  4. Apple contains all types of vitamins and minerals required while your body is asleep
  5. Glass of warm Milk before sleep contains all types of vitamins and minerals when you are not consuming anything during sleep for 7-8 hours
  6. Using more dill leaves in curry / cooking / snack items
  7. White poppy seeds / Indian poppy seeds used in curry / other dishes help in good sleep
  8. Eating cucumber helps in cooling body temperature and induces sleep
  9. Jasmine flowers kept near bed helps inducing sleep
  10. Horse Gram / Green Gram sprouts curry helps you reduce body temperature and induces sleep.

These are the top ten fruits, vegetables, gram or herbs that help you in good sleep and reduce anxiety

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