7 Secrets You Want To Know About A Blog Is

A Blog Is

Big Question Mark ?, what is your thought on when some one ask you what exactly a blog is. Many don't know what exactly a blog is, they don't want to know or they have the blog that was created 10 to 20 years back and its dead now. That's not the blog what you think about, technology have changed what a blog is and how it appears in recent times, read on to get insights about a blog.

Here we will be going to learn what exactly a blog is and how you can get benefit out of the blog. Although it may take your 2 to 5 minutes of time to read and get to know more about a blog and understand or change your thought about a blog 180 degrees. 

#1: A Blog is Passion

For some they may think a blog is boring stuff that you write some thing and people will read them and close the blog. But for people like me a blog is passion expanding my social presence, passion for sharing your thoughts during your lockdown times, passion for expressing your self, passion for sharing your knowledge with others and get some new thing to learn.

#2: A Blog is means of Earning

Many earn their living using blog, the major earnings are by displaying ad on your blog that have many followers and visitors another example of earning is affiliate marketing. Once your followers start increasing based on what you share on to internet your bank balance also will increase at an exponential rate. Think about it and start a blog in your field and start sharing your skill, once followers increase its boom. 

a blog is

#3: A Blog is your Social Presence

For many celebrates, budding celebrities, politicians, financial institutions and news media houses a blog is social media presence. A Blog act as social presence, if they have to convey some information they blog it and share it with their followers. With the invent of blog celebrities, politicians and news hubs are able to convey the information at faster rate than normal.

#4: A Blog is Sharing Opinion

A Blog can also be about sharing your opinion to others on Internet, Social Network or with your friends. Say you wanted to say some thing to your friends or relatives you can use WhatsApp status to convey the message, tweet a post on twitter, post it on Facebook or Instagram, or post on LinkedIn. Blog can be as smaller as two words or max of 255 characters or some thing bigger than 3000 characters. all the above mentioned method can also be termed as a blog or they generally called micro blogging. 

#5: A Blog is Measure of your Skill

The time we are now in is Knowledge Era the more your are talented and skilled in technical arears or other areas the same appears on your blog. The more you are talented, many will start liking you. Ever seen a boy or girl getting Rank 1 in school and teacher starts appreciating them. The same is with the blog the more creative and skilled you become the same appears on your blog. Try increasing your skills day by day basis and it appears on your blog as sharing useful information to the needy internet users. 

#6: A Blog is Dumping Your Thoughts

For a human being its said in research that per day he will be generating 70 thousand thoughts, so human being is idea generation machine. You may get a thought suddenly in your head and you may have to share it with others. So you can use a blog to take down your thoughts. Many micro blogging sites allows you to blog privately as well, if the thought or the idea is private you can make your blog private. 

#7: A Blog is Expressing Yourself

A blog is all about you, your thinking process, your ideas, what you do, what you are good at, what your challenges are and problems you are focusing on currently. Blog is mirror image of your thinking and expression. The more you express the more your blog appears as crystal clear about what your thinking is and how it appears to others.


By now you shall have understood what exactly a blog is and how it works, also you may have got to know your existing blog that you were not aware but treating them as just the status updates. If you  follow the above mentioned methods it can also help you in gaining more followers. Adding more followers will help you increasing your income and earning potentials. Hope you have best blog, thank you for reading my articles.

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