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Elephant shows Gratitude to the JCB

elephant viral news today

(Pic From Twitter)

An Elephant that fell in a ditch was rescued with the JCP. After it was rescued safely, Elephant showed gratitude towards the JCB thinking it was an animal that rescued her.





Pic of Lady Wearing Jewelry on Mask Goes Viral 

jewelry on mask

(Pic From Twitter)

The image that is getting shared on Social Networking website Twitter goes viral after the lady wears her Jewelry on top of Mask. Netizens react with comments :)



Elephant Plays Cricket Hits sixes and Misses on some Balls

viral news today elephant playing cricket

(Image from Twitter) 

In a video that is going viral on Twitter an elephant is seen playing cricket, Netizens compare it with International Players.


ATM Customer Steals Hand Sanitizer Video Goes Viral

bank atm machine

In the video that's being shared in the internet, a man withdraws cash from ATM and after his cash transaction is complete. He steals hand sanitizer and keeps in his bag. The ATM CCTV Footage was  shared by IPS Officer Dipanshu Kabra on Social Networking website Twitter with hash tag Hum Nahi Sudhrenge.


Social Distance in Unique Method

social distancing during COVID19

In the twitter post that's going viral two men on bike seen with ladder on their heads. This pic is going viral in social media, Social Distancing a Unique way.



Mark Zuckerberg father asks Should we deliver meal to your office


In a Facebook post where Mark Zuckerberg is saying have you exited much about working on project that you forget eating your meals. Father of Mark Zuckerberg,  Edward Zuckerberg replies should we deliver food to your office. 



BurjKhalifa message to India #STAYSTRONGINDIA


Image Source Twitter @BurjKhalifa Handle

Burj Khalifa tallest tower in the world lights up with Indian Flag, to show support to India, amid the current COVID19 situation in the country. Sends message to Indians #STAYSTRONGINDIA


Viral Image of Telangana Man wearing Bird Nest as Mask

Bird Nest as Mask

(image source twitter)
An old person named Mekala Kurmayya came to collect his old age pension by wearing an unique mask that went viral on twitter.

Kurmayya is from Telangana, Mahabubnagar district came to collect his pension by wearing bird-nest as mask.

Although the mask may not be effective in blocking the COVID19 virus but still there is an awareness in the district.

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