Software industry corporate policies that changed due to COVID19

With the onset of Coronavirus in the year 2020 there was tremendous transformation in the software industry. March 2020 was the month where almost all the people around the world were uncertain about what COVID19 would bring changes to their lifestyle. Here are software industry corporate policies that have changed due to COVID19.

Software industry corporate policies that changed due to COVID19

Work from Home

COVID19 started to spread all over the world. There were multiple changes with the software industry as everyone started work from home culture. Employers relaxed their policies to ease the old culture of 9-5 jobs into a new normal that is work from home.

Techies who were jobless also started looking for work from home jobs as reason more concerned towards health and trend started to focus on employee’s health. As we surpassed the year 2020 working from home still there is limbo about returning to offices.

Pay Cuts

Yes, you heard it right there were pay cuts among some of the software employers. Although it did not come into light and did not impact much of the salaried employees, there were still five to ten percent salary cuts whose net income is more than 1300$.

Investing on Home Office and Internet Charges

Due to COVID19 uncertainty and multiple lock down and restrictions on travel software employees started to work from home. There was transformation in software industry employers realized that COVID19 uncertainty is here to stay employers invested on building home offices for their employees. Also, some invested on paying the Internet Charges of employees incurred.

Pink Slips

As COVID19 started to spread across the world starting from January 2020 and lock down were imposed many businesses took hits on their earnings and had to fire their employees. There were multiple firings and business transformations undergoing in the software industry. Those who did not sustain the storm of COVID19 had to shut their businesses and take losses to their homes.

Employers invested on Health and Mental Well being Trainings

As COVID19 started there was demand for health and well being coaching. Many software industries turned towards these health and wellness coaches to coach their employees as employees continue to work from home. Employees were keen and much interested in attending employee health and wellness training.

Friday Off

Ending this article with the happy news, some software industry declared a holiday on Friday extending the weekend to 3 days off. More the employee spends his time with the family, the more his efficiency. Friday was a leisure day to employees while some companies offered training to their employees like health and well being, yoga sessions, mental health coaching, maintaining stress levels etc.

The Software Industry may not be the same in future with the communication and other software filling up the gap to the old office culture left behind. Software Engineers have already had the taste of Working from Home so there will be more jobs focusing on remote based work culture. Software Industries transformed and will be transforming with multiple changes in near future with more over focusing on health and well being of employees.


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