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Start Creating the New Blog Post once you are done with Blogger Account Creation, Setting up the Blogger Configuration and Selection the Blogger Niche. These information are provided in this blog, explore the blogging section and you shall get to know the details related to Blogger Account Creation, Setting up the Blogger Configuration and Selection the Blogger Niche.

After Selecting the Blogger idea we start creating the blogger post or blogger articles, we start writing the content. The content you write should be perfect to read it should not be copied content and there should not be any spelling mistakes in your content. Here we provide two step procedure to create the Blogger Post Follow then and you shall create the article successfully.

Step 1: Create New Post


To create the new post click new post on the left side of the blogger dashboard as provided in the screenshot

create new post

Step 2: Fill the Post Content like Title, Body, Label, Link and Search Description

We need to fill post content like post title, title should be understandable and short and simple. Next is Body in the article body you can write Heading, Introduction, Add Sub Heading, Add Some more Content, Add Images, Add tabular column to represent the data, embed the other code. The quality of article content should be of high. Then the reader will like and start sharing the content to others. This way you get more readers in to your blog.

blog content

After filling the title and content you should also take care of Label. Label is nothing but how you categorize your article if you have articles related to Smart Phone, then you enter your label as "Smart Phone".
Next is we need to take care of article link, we need to provide same keywords in the blog link as per out content, if they vary the google algorithm may not rank our article if link and article content may not match.

Finally we need to add the Search Description. The search description is the set of keywords that google search algorithm reads and indexes you page based on that. If any search engine user searches for keyword these and if they match your article will be displayed. So better to have competitive keywords. Suppose you write an article on smart phone the best matched keywords are as given below

Search Description Keywords for Smart Phone

smart phone, 
smart phone flash tool, 
smartphone repair, 
smart phone flash tool descargar, 
smart phone en espaƱol, 
smart phone flash tool (runtime trace mode), 
smart phone fisher price, 
smart phone watch, 
smart phone precio, 
smart phone store
If you require the keywords to be generated for your given article we have the python script that generates the keyword for you run the python script and get the keywords.

One the Label, Link and Search Description are filled Click Preview the Post, If the content looks good click on publish button. This will publish the article on your blog.


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