Best Free Theme for Blogger

In this article we are going to discuss the Best Free Theme for Blogger, although we have multiple blogger themes available online that can be downloaded. If you are new to Google Blogger, Blogger is the platform to express your self by writing articles of your interest.

Blogger Themes can be categorized in to five categories based on their design. Either you want to design your own personnel website or the professional website. Below are the categories to consider.


best free theme for blogger

1. Based on Style

Categorizing the Blogger based on their style include the blogger themes that are very simple in nature, If you niche is based on the News Magazine, Travel Blog, Slide Presentation Blog, Nature Photography Blog etc. The readers require good article space and one column at the right side and drop down at the top of article head that leads to other pages.

Blogger style matters if your blog wants to stand out of existing blogs. Weather its technology blog, travel blog or cooking blog you should stand out from the existing blogs by displaying information in unique style. 


2. Based on Features

Best Free Theme for Blogger Based on feature is having all in one features of Responsiveness, Ads Ready, theme that Loading Faster, SEO Ready and Blogger template that has good page navigation. These features are easily available online in any of the Blogging Templates Online.

The feature of blogger theme is very important because you many write very good content but if you have poor seo your content will not be highlighted. Reader may be on slow internet connection and your website may not load. 

You should try to retain your reader, get him engaged by showing him interested articles also reader should be able to navigate more number of your blog pages in order make him stay for more time on your website. 

3. Based on Topic

Blogger themes can also be designed based on the type of Niche or Topic you have opted. The topic of your blog may be Cooking, Teaching, Photography, Personnel Blog, Movie, News, Video, Anime, Games, Online Shopping, Games, Fashion, Cars, Nature, Health, Animals, Comics etc etc.

All of the above topic may require multiple tabs or columns especially the Online Shopping and Gaming. Although Google Blogger does not support much related to authentication its very hard to implement shopping and online Gaming Based website on Google blogger.

4. Based on Columns

Suppose you are designing the minimalist website then you should consider having only two columns, one column for reading the article and another for popular post. The reading article column should occupy the 3/4 space of while area and the other column that displays popular post tab / ad tab / recent post tab should occupy 1/4 of the computer screen. 

More number of columns will lead to multiple topics getting displayed but Reader does not require them. Reader only gets in to your website to get some information or get his service completed. Reader is not much interested in other related topics and if needed you can utilize the right panel to list out your popular post or popular service.  

5. Based on Color

Color should be attractive to the website reader, no matter how great the content you write the website should be readable. Website color should be eye catching as well as pleasant to the reader while he is reading. If you want your website to look attractive try to learn from the existing famous websites like face book that uses blue color and its very attractive to the users or even twitter that uses light blue.

When you set the blog in single color mode the website may not be much eye catchy. So we have some thing called linear gradient. We can display gradient color to impress the reader by using gradient color the website look appears differently. The linear gradient may be adjusted to multiple colors, so for the minimalist blogging theme should be using two colors that makes their website look different from others.

6. Responsive Blogger Theme Download Free

The minimalists responsive blogger theme download free with this article, This blogger theme was designed based on the above considerations. The theme has header list displaying pages, home page, latest articles, cool design, two columns one for article and another for displaying popular posts and the footer theme. Link Blogger Theme Download Free

download blogger theme

For using the above theme download the XML file, Go to your blogger website, create new blog if you don't have one, after creating, select Theme, select customize drop down, take backup of your older blogger theme is needed, copy the contents of xml, edit html, paste and save the contents.

The click the blogger layout tab, modify the labels and sub labels and mega menu options according to your choice.

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