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5 Natural ways to boost Immunity


Consuming food is important part of life and consuming good quality food is very important in the days of modern and busy life. Keeping immunity to fight against any diseases should start from food its the agent that acts first medicine against diseases

Here are five methods that will empower the health in fighting disease and boost immunity

Honey - Honey is natural supplement to sugar and other sweaters. Honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins ans minerals. Honey also has health benefits as treating blood pressure and decreasing the cholesterol levels, Consuming Honey daily in one or the other form will boost the immunity

Papaya juice - Papaya contains Acetogenin compound that helps in fighting disease like Malaria and Dengue. Not only the fruit is of medicinal benefit but papaya leaves also contain antioxidants such as phenolic compounds, papain and alkaloids. Consuming papaya juice will increase the body immunity.

Turmeric (Haldi) - Adding pinch of turmeric to the foods that you prepare daily will add good health to your life's basket. Consuming Turmeric in one or the other form will increase the immunity in human body.

Basil(Tulsi) Juice - Basil is treated as auspicious in Indian tradition, the leaves not only rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory but also helps in healing the poor digestion. Consuming the leaves directly or making Basil Juice or Tea can effective in boosting immunity and fight off infection.

Milk and Honey Combination - Milk is rich source of calcium potassium and many proteins. Consuming milk on daily basis will improve good health. Adding table spoon of honey to glass of milk and consuming will increase the immunity.

Disclaimer : This blog is for information purpose only and does not provide health or health professional advise

 5 Natural ways to cure Jaundice

Jaundice disease is yellow discoloration of body skin and eyes. This is due to build up of waste material bilirubin in blood. Causes of Jaundice are liver inflammation by hepatitis virus or due to medications, alcohol consumption other causes can be gallstone.

Below are the five natural ways to cure Jaundice

Tamarind, Cumin Seeds and Honey - Consume mixture of one table spoon of tamarind juice, half table spoon of cumin seeds (Jeera) and Two table spoon of Honey. Consume all three mixtures for one week will cure Jaundice.

Black Pepper, Honey and Mango - Consume mixture of half table spoon of black pepper powder, two table spoon of honey and mango juice for two weeks will help in cleansing the liver and cure jaundice

Cow Milk with Dry Ginger Powder - Consume daily a glass of fresh cow milk adding one table spoon of dry ginger powder daily will cure Jaundice.

Raw Onion - Eating daily one raw onion daily will help in curing the Jaundice.

Sugar cane juice - Drinking a glass of pure sugar cane juice sip by sip daily will help in curing the Jaundice.

Disclaimer : This blog is for information purpose only and does not provide health or health professional advise

Home Remedies to cure Vitamin and Iron deficiency

Daily food that you eat should be rich in five nutrition that is Carbohydrates, Proteins and Minerals (Micro nutrients) and Vitamins and Minerals (Micro nutrients). Lack of Micro nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals will cause body to become weak and you start getting body pains. Consuming vitamin and mineral supplements available in the market may have other secondary ill effects. Lets look at some of the naturally occurring Micro nutrients

Here is a list of tips to gain micro nutrients naturally

Coriander Leaves - Adding raw Coriander leaves to the food you prepare daily will solve the problem of Iron deficiency in the body. The coriander leaves should be consumed raw with out cooking it. All the health issues related to iron deficiency will get cured with this method.

Apple - Apple is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Consuming Apple on daily basis after meal will help body gaining Vitamin A, B and C.

Banana - Banana is rich in Iron and Potassium, consuming one banana after the meal will help body gaining micro nutrients

Mango - Consuming Mango on regular basis with different forms of mango recipes will help body gaining Vitamin.

Amla (Indian gooseberry) and Honey - Combining the two table spoon of honey and equal amount of Amla Juice and consuming it early morning on empty stomach will help body gain Vitamin C

Milk, Turmeric and Honey - Adding pinch of turmeric and table spoon of honey to Glass of milk and consuming will help gain Vitamin A.

Raw Vegetables - Eating Raw vegetables such as Cucumber, Radish and Beetroot with out cooking them will help in gaining Vitamins directly to body. If vegetables are cooked and consumed there are chances of reduction of micro-nutrients present in Vegetables and should be eaten raw.

Early Morning Sunlight - Its proved from the researchers that taking sunlight during the early morning will help body gain Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important nutrient that help body absorbing calcium good for bones.

Disclaimer : This blog is for information purpose only and does not provide health or health professional advise


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