Can you really make money blogging?

The question that everyone asks me is Can you really make money from blogging, How to Make Money with Your Blog, Is it really possible to make money from the blog etc. 

The answer to all above questions is.

Yes, Of course you can. Blogging is one of the ways to express yourself by writing down your thoughts and sharing them to others. Blogging becomes very simple if you are well experienced in writing skills and can build a good number of followers by writing good content and sharing it on social media. Below Is Complete Guide to Make Money from Blogging

Can i make money using blogging

As we all know we get very busy with our daily activities. We need to make time at least half an hour every day to think about blogging and start publishing at least one article every week. If we make it a habit of writing at-least one article in one week we will have 52 articles in a year. In five years time we will have 260 articles, so it's left to you to decide the amount of time you would like to spend in blogging.

In the above paragraph I am saying its 5 years because the consistency of the articles that gets published should be timely. We see there are thousands of blogs per day registered but one or two are consistent writers. Also the time required to increase the visitors and search engine rankings takes a minimum of 1-2 years so if you want your writing to get noticed and make money by blogging, then you should be punctual in writing for 5 years. If you have decided make money through blogging, below is the complete guide that will help you make money from blogging for beginners

Choose Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform is provider of services like Website Server Hosting, Storage Provider and Domain Services Provider. There are multiple platforms available like Google Blogging, WordPress, Wix, Medium etc.  There is no restriction on choosing the blogging platform but still you can make money blogging on WordPress or make money blogging on medium as well. But I suggest going with Google Blogger as it offers Website Server Hosting and Storage Provider for your website. It also provides blogging editors, domain managing services and its flexible to manage the website on Google Blogger.

Decide on Idea

Idea / Niche is the heart of the Blog that pumps blood to the whole body, ideas should be novel and should not have much competition, there is saying ideas can change your life, if you have an idea that everyone around the world are interested in then you rock the blogger community. This should be the first important thing to look for while blogging and there should not be much competition to your idea. Here is why I consider this as very much important

  • Your task is to write good articles and others will work for you

    • Yes, you heard it right, others will work for you if you write a good article in your niche and there is not much competition in your niche. Others will share the links of your website when they find that it's very much useful to them and their friends and family.

  • An idea is what we all need that can make you out stand

    • Just math can help you understand the logic behind writing this, suppose you write 100 articles that are very good and there are 10000 readers who read each of your articles in a year, then you get 1 million readers for your website/ blog. If you select a niche that is not much of competition, then you get mediocre visitors.

Go Behind Keywords

Yup, If you need success you should go behind search engine keywords. Search Engine works on keywords, Search Engine users come to search engine and type their keywords and based on the search engine indexation algorithm it displays the relevant links related to the keywords.

Search Index Algorithm works on Popularity of website, number of bounce rate, number of articles that are relevant to keywords etc. So our task is not to worry about search engines, instead work on what your visitors are searching for.
I had shared a python script online that generates google keywords. The script uses python as technology in turn using web scraping libraries like beautiful-soap and google keyword search URL that takes input as keyword and lists out the other keywords that visitors are searching.
Here is the link to get the keywords list  Python Program to Generate Keywords

Buy Domain Name and Email (If Needed)

Buying a domain does not cost you much as you can buy domain names for less than 17 USD. There is a catch in buying a domain: it's this - try to get the domain name as per your niche/ idea keyword should be present. Suppose your niche is cooking/ recipe, then you should look for buying domain having the keyword cook/cooking/recipe/food. With the niche name in the domain the search engine algorithm will understand the type of blog and ranks high from the other websites.

There are other extra options available like buy domain name and email services but these add up cost, even you can buy country specific like buy domain name UK with .uk or buy domain name Australia with .au, buy domain name Canada .ca ending domains.
Google offers domain services as well so you can buy a domain from google or buy domain names from GoDaddy and add it into the blogging website settings page.

Learn to Solve Website Issues

There may be multiple issues related to writing the Mobile Indexing Redirect Issues, 404 Issues, Indexing Errors. If you are not a tech geek who often codes, then you should hire someone who can fix your website if it has any bugs / issues with it.

  • Fixing 404’s

    • Generally, if you buy an old domain already being used by someone then you will face many 404 issues as URLs that already exist may not exist now as you have bought the website. For fixing 404 issues you will have to add redirect to home page

  • Fixing Mobile redirect ?m=0 and ?m=1

    • To fix mobile indexing redirect issues in bloggers you will have to set blogger settings to display the desktop version of the website when it's being loaded in a smartphone Also you will have to block Google Smart Bot in your robots.txt file something like this.
      • User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile Disallow: /  
    • With this setting Google Search Console indexes only the website version and not the mobile version. If index both versions this will cause duplicate content.

Track Number of Visitors

There are multiple website tracking tools available online to track your website Google Analytics is one such tool that offers website tracking on real time basis you can watch google analytics demo YouTube videos and get started. There are other alternatives to Google Analytics that offer open source for tracking the website. But Google Analytics is the best tracking website for your blog. You will need to add just the Google Analytics Tag JavaScript and statistics will start getting displayed with in day. You can track audience traffic live, the country where your website is mostly viewed and bounce rate (visitor presses back button after he does not find the required info).  

Google Analytics WordPress services offer tracking the website for WordPress similar to that of Blogger. The parameters that are supported are tracking website traffic, tracking website activity, website bounce rate checker also it provides graphs related with help of website bounce rate infographic

Some of Google Analytics' alternative open source website tracking tools are Chartbeat, StatCounter, Heap, Matomo, Open Web Analytics, AWStats , Countly, Plausible. Services offered by Amazon are Amazon QuickSite and other tracking websites are Taplyics.

Apply for Ad Sense Blogger

Monetize your blog from the start of the day by buying a domain and then apply for AdSense Website, initially you will not have many visitors so try to display a smaller number of ads. After 2-3 years when the visitors of your blog start increasing then try to increase the ad load with the help of AdSense dashboard.

Always try to display product Ads that you use yourself in day to day life. Something like shopping app ads, clothing app ads, payment apps that you use etc. Monetizing your blog is very simple: just find out ways to earn more without losing visitor interest on your website.

Other Money-Making Ideas

Ads: There are alternatives to Google AdSense that can also be looked at when AdSense is still displaying Ads on to your website, they are Propeller Ads. I also use propeller ads to be prompt if you also interested displaying propeller ads on your blog click the link 

Sign in to propeller ads

There is no major difference when we compare PropellerAds vs AdSense.

  • Affiliate marketing

    • Affiliate marketing means there are multiple numbers of products available for selling in the market. For example, amazon website sells multiple products so you can subscribe to amazon affiliate and choose the product that you are interested in and start displaying those ads on your blog. If the customer buys the product then you get 10 percentage to 25 percentage commission based on the product. So this type of ads on your blog does not earn you much because you shall get paid only when the customer clicks and buys the product

  • Physical or digital product offering

    • Physical or digital product offering refers to creating your own product like software (college engineering projects, code snippet on github, python scripts to do some task)/ physical products (forest honey, home grown vegetables, self-made designer clothes)  / E-Books for learning (engineering books, school books) / learning videos on YouTube and start selling them via your blog. This type of earning will have a major impact on your blog and makes you earn more when compared to any other earnings.

  • Subscriptions

    • This type of earning is kind of referral earning. Suppose there is an online clothing store and they are offering one USD for each subscription that you invite your friends and family members to. You can add your link into your blog and start making them subscribe and start earning from this scheme.

  • Coaching

    • If you are of teaching background and you have ample time out of teaching and house chorus and your intention to teach other students who are not part of your college / school. You can start online classes via free online meeting applications like Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, YouTube Live, WhatsApp Meetings etc. You can start initial classes and then span yourself by having multiple teaching sessions as the number of students increases.

      Coaching is not only limited to students and teachers, there are multiple streams like teaching cooking classes, teaching organic farming and gardening, teaching interior design, teaching costume design, financial management coaching, financial risk management coaching, teaching makeup courses, teaching makeup online, teaching parenting skills and doing family interaction exercises are components, teaching parenting classes, teaching parenting, teaching fitness Pilates techniques, teaching fitness classes on zoom, teaching fitness, teaching fitness classes, teaching fitness classes online, teaching fitness online, etc. 

      With Coaching technique you can also combine others as well Physical or digital product offering for example if you are fitness trainer then you can create protein product kit, If you are health coach then you can create kit that contains dry fruits, protein products and energy drinks, if you are parenting coach you can sell parenting teaching materials, pdf’s. If you are a makeup and fashion designer coach you can sell beauty products, dress materials etc. If you are a financial mentor you can sell financial management pdf. These are some of the ideas that can be looked at.

Ask Visitors to follow blog

When visitors start reading articles, you may add a follower button on your blog asking to follow up, launch a pop up window from the side so that content does not get covered to follow you. If the content is good, then obviously the reader will start following your blog. Add buttons like follow me Instagram, follow me twitter button, follow me on Facebook and follow me on LinkedIn button etc.

You can notice that famous personalities of world that are trending on Instagram, twitter, Linked-in and Facebook did not become famous in one day it generally takes time to reach million followers in Instagram / million followers on twitter. Similarly making money comes only when your followers start increasing.

Share on Social Network

Hope at least you should have at least one Facebook account in your lifetime, share the stuff you have written and ask for comments from your friends and family. The other social networks are by making money blogging on Instagram, sharing images on Instagram and link below so that your followers will start clicking the link if they are interested.

The first impression is the best impression where you should focus on your Facebook DP, Instagram DP, Twitter DP etc all social network websites have the same Display Picture. Also your Facebook Bio, Instagram Bio and Twitter Bio should match and should be simple to read and understand. 

Also, if you are sharing your link on social network websites you should have meta tags html present on your blog. Meta tags are the tags that make social network websites or even google search engine understand your blog article type, images and content. It’s appears something like this on your website code

<meta content='Latest Recipes: Tomato Rice Recipes’ name='description'/>

There are online tags generators available for your blog search for meta tags generator, meta tags Facebook, meta tags html SEO, meta tags for SEO, meta tags google on google and you shall get a bunch of websites that will generate meta tags for you freely.

Know your website competitors

If you are not competitive, the world will ignore you and keep moving. So it is the always wise to keep upgrading your skills and also have an eye on your niche competitors. Politics is everywhere but you should admit it and be ready to win the time demands for. Below are some of the tips to get to know your competitors.

  • Alexa Rankings

    • Amazon Services also offers tracking websites, its keywords and competitors' blogs on the internet. So if you would be interested to know your competitors just type your website name into alexa dot com / siteinfo and get to know your competitors and their keywords that they rank for.

  • Get to know your competitors’ articles

    • Competitors will have articles published on their website. You can easily get to know the number of articles they have published, type of articles published by checking their sitemap.xml file. Load your competitor blog and enter the website and then append the URL with /sitemap.xml will list you the details about the article count and article topic.

  • Know number of impressions your competitor is getting on google 

    • Just search “site:” on you shall get the details as below
      About 16,40,000 results (0.24 seconds)

      So, google searched about 16,40,000 results in 0.24 seconds and that’s the number of impressions google does on your competitors’ website. Similarly if you start indexing your website and keep adding contents with lots of keywords then you shall also get similar results.

Keep Note on Photos / Videos on Blog

The image content or the video content that you upload into your website should be of your own and should not be the copied version. There is no point in sharing the duplicate version of the same copy on the internet as it is already known. If you are using a blogger and you share someone else article image or picture google or the original owner of the content may ask you to remove it from your website or you may have to face things legally to claim the rights of the content.

There are four things you should take care while writing to your blogger, you should add Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and About Us page. You can easily generate these for free as there are multiple tools available. This will protect you from your employer as you are claiming your ideas are your own and do not claim interest of your employer, protect you from sharing your content on another website.


Hope this article helps you to understand the basics of blogging and you take action on above mentioned tasks and begin making money from your blogger. Let us know your suggestions, comments, and queries on any of the above-mentioned blogging tips.





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