Are 302 redirects bad for SEO?

If you have designed good blog and later, you found that your website is getting redirected with multiple codes like 302 and 301 on mobile website. Google Search Console may be considering your website having duplicate content one with ?m=1 or ?m=0 and other with website URL ending with nothing. You should be fixing problem of search console redirect error as soon as possible


Are 302 redirects bad for SEO? Problem Explanation

Google Console is the back end of Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where google console admin will submit his website on google console search dashboard and will ask for google indexing his website. Google indexing process takes time depending on website popularity ranking. If website popularity index is high then google indexing tool will take less time like 3-4 hours, else it may take 2-3 days.

Google search console will start indexing each and every pages like homepage / landing page of website, blog posts labels, blog categories and all the articles present in website using sitemap.xml. Google has bots like GoogleBot Desktop, googlebot-image, Googlebot smartphone that will scan the URL and its content for any website errors, image loading issues, page loading issues.

Regarding the Google Search Console Redirect Error when GoogleBot Desktop scans the URL’s it sees there is nothing added at the end of the URL and when GoogleBot Smartphone scans the URL it notices an extra string gets added ?m=1 or ?m=0 also it may see redirect errors

Here is 302 redirect example, suppose you want to load your website on mobile just enter and below are the redirects that occur.
302 Moved Temporarily
301 Moved Permanently
301 Moved Permanently
200 OK

So, there is 302 redirect then 301 redirect then 301 and again it lands to your mobile version website.

Loading mobile version website view ?m=1 problem is not with your blogger code issue or the way google indexes your website. The real issue is with blogger as we use canonical URL if we don’t use canonical URL’s we don’t get the above problem as we directly embed the URL’s into Blogger code.

Usage of canonical URL will cause your mobile version website to redirect and cause URL ending with ?m=1. So Googlebot Desktop user agent will index your content on the other hand Googlebot smartphone user agent will index your content with ?m=1 and referring as duplicate content to that of Googlebot Desktop.

Usage of 301 and 302 redirect together shall cause confusion for Google Search Engine. Generally, we should not use 301 and 302 redirects together. 302 redirect meaning is actual content that is temporary not reachable and will come back soon. In order to use 302 redirections for moved pages is bad idea. Search engine Googlebot smartphone bot shall not follow it or handle it.


301 and 302 Redirect Checker

In order to check your website redirect you can use online website redirect check tools available websites like redirect-checker, httpstatus, wheregoes, rankwatch etc you can use any of the following also select Googlebot Smartphone and Googlebot Desktop option and start checking for any redirect. These websites use check redirect for status 301 vs 302 also these websites also check for bulk redirects and report 301 redirect code and 302 redirect code.



One solution to http 301 redirect code and again 302 redirect code is to set blogger to use Desktop Website while loading on your mobile smartphone browser. To set this launch blogger website click the Theme option and select the drop down customize and click mobile version.



are 302 redirects bad for seo


Select the desktop theme while your website loads in to mobile browsers and click ok


are 302 redirects bad for seo

Once you set desktop view when website loads in mobile smartphone browsers there is another setting that you should change. Its robot.txt file, robot.txt is directly linked to google search console , robot.txt file is the set of rules that asks Googlebots to either allow the pages to get indexed or block some of the pages/ articles. robot.txt can also be generated online with help of robot.txt generator tools.  Below is robot.txt example for your reference 

User-agent: *

User-agent: Googlebot Allow: /

User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile Disallow: /

Disallow: /search

Allow: /



Now question is how to read robots.txt file, above robot.txt signifies bot to allow all the pages to get indexed and disallow Googlebot-Mobile and search page to not to get indexed on google search console.


are 302 redirects bad for seo

How to edit robot.txt in blogger, launch blogger website go to settings tab, search for enable custom robots.txt and click on custom robots.txt. It will launch dialogue box copy paste the rules set to disallow the indexing of Googlebot-Mobile for your website

User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile Disallow: /

Add this rules in to your robot.txt and save the file. Once the above task is done the Googlebot Smartphone shall not index your website although there is the content and shall load the mobile version website ?m=1 on your smartphone browser.


Fix the Google Search Console Redirect Error

After making the above changes on your blogger, you should launch the google search console dashboard, URL Inspection and then type your URL on top bar and click request indexing. It will display “testing if live URL can be indexed” and then it will display Indexing Requested for your website. It may take time for Google Search Console to index your website based on your website rankings once indexing is done you shall not see any of the 301 and 302 redirect code error.


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