Yummy Strawberry Lassi Recipe


Sweet Lassi can be made differently by adding some extra fruit, now we will learn about Yummy Strawberry Lassi Recipe. Below is the Recipe to make four glasses of Strawberry Sweet Lassi


1.    Rose / Kesar flower leaves one pinch

2.    5 Strawberries

3.    Sugar 3 Tablespoons

4.    Dahi / Curd / Yogurt 3 Cup

5.    Water 3 cups

6.    Ice Cubes 4 cubes 

strawberry lassi


1.    Blend Strawberries, Sugar and Water for 3 minutes until the mixture gets smooth

2.    Add Curd / Yogurt into above mixture and blend for 3 minutes time until creamy layer arrives on top of the lassi.

3.    Pour the above Blended Strawberry Lassi in to Glasses by garnishing it with Rose/ Kesar Flower Leaves  

4.    Add one Ice Cubes to each Glass and Serve Immediately Cheers!!!


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