Write any 2 disadvantages of GUI over CLI

Disadvantages of GUI over CLI

First disadvantage 

Loading of the website or the graphical user interface. Loading of GUI may become slow depending on internet speed, image sizes server placement country, client request country. Images of huge size will delay the loading of Website / GUI also it may delay other depending items with in the GUI.

Second Disadvantage

Spoofing of Websites / GUI, Many websites that lay on the internet are outdated they require latest security updates. If there is security updates then attacker will find one or the other way to spoof the existing website. This may cause property damage, loss of trust for website, Monetary loss etc. Spoofing of website is technique where same copy of website is created or presented to the user instead of real website. This makes the victim to trust the fake GUI and loss the data.

Disadvantage of CLI over GUI

First Disadvantage 

Getting to know the command line is the toughest task ever for those who are command line lovers. The command line has performs multiple tasks by getting in multiple arguments. Understanding the command line arguments is the tedious job. Searching for each and every argument may be time consuming

Second Disadvantage 

There are hundreds and thousands of commands available in Windows / Non Windows (Unix / Linux ) Operating system. Remembering them is tedious job for even the experienced user.

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