Sweet Tomato Juice Recipe

Sweet Tomato Juice tastes sweet and sour with its awesome color and aromatic smell. Tomato is berry that is very good for health and digestive system. If you consume tomato juice after meal you will get hunger very soon. Below is the recipe to make 3 glasses of Sweet Tomato Juice


sweet tomato juice


  • Full Cup Chopped Tomatoes (Seeds Removed)
  • White Sugar 5 Spoon
  • Water 1 Glass
  • Salt a pinch


  1. Blend tomatoes and water for 1-2 minute
  2. Filter out the tomato juice using filter with bigger nozzles in to another bowl to remove the tomato skin
  3. Add sugar and salt, mix well until gets dissolves
  4. Pour the Juice in to Glasses and Serve !!!


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