Simple and Easy Method to make Curd at Home


Below is the Recipe / Method to make Home Made Curd at home. It requires milk and table spoon of curd to make. Advantage of Homemade Curd is it will be free from preservatives and plastic containers that cause health issues over long period of time 


  • Milk Half liter or As per requirement
  • Curd 3 table Spoon

homemade curd


  1. In the clean bowl heat the milk until it boils and tries to expand.
  2. Leave the milk to cool in the room temperature.
  3. When the milk is lukewarm add the Curd in to milk 
  4. Cover the bowl and leave it overnight for curd formation. 
  5. Early Moring your curd will be ready. Preserve it in to refrigerator and start using it

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