Sapota Fruit (Chickoo) Sweet Lassi Recipe


Chickoo is also called Sapota Fruit (naseberry) can be added as flavoring fruit into Sweet Lassi. Chickoo helps in regulating the body temperature and has multiple health benefits supporting digestive health. Below is the Recipe for making two glasses of Sapota Fruit (Chicko) Sweet Lassi


1.    Cardamom Seed Powder One Pinch 

2.   2 ripe Chickoo Fruit Bigger Size (Cleaned)

3.   Sugar 3 Tablespoons

4.   Thick Curd 1 Cup

5.    Water 1 cups

6.    Ice Cubes 2 cubes (Optional)

sapota lassi


1.    Remove the outer layer and seeds from the Chikoo and get Inside Fruit in to a bowl

2.  Blend Chickoo fruit, Sugar, Curd and Water for 3 minutes until creamy layer of Lassi is formed on top.

3.  Pour the above Blended Chickoo Lassi in to Glasses by adding pinch of Cardamom Powder

4.    Add one Ice Cubes (Optional) to each Glass and Serve it Immediately Cheers!!!

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