Oatmeal Dry Fruit Recipe


Oatmeal is very healthy and easy to eat, the trending oat meal is every ones favorite these days. With the fast moving lifestyle people prefer oat meals. Below is the Oat Meal recipe for two members


  • Oat meal four table spoons
  • blue berries two spoons
  • flax seeds powdered two spoon
  • half cup hot water
  • sunflower seeds 
  • fried groundnuts two spoons
  • walnuts two spoons
  • Any fruit half cup (Banana/ Melon/ Papaya/ Mango/ Sapota/Strawberry (Chikoo) etc)
  • Hot milk one cup

oatmeal recipe


  1. Take bowl add oatmeal, blue berries, flax seeds and then hot water and mix well using spoon 
  2. Add sunflower seeds, fried groundnuts, walnuts and milk mix well again using spoon 
  3. Cut the fruit in to small pieces and garnish on top of bowl and serve instantly.

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