Masala Tomato Shake Recipe

Tomato is type of berry that very interesting it can be referred as fruit when over ripe with its sweet nature and can be sour used with vegetables. Tomato has amazing quality and boon to those who are suffering from digestive disorders. Tomato has acid neutralizing capability, can cure multiple digestive disorders when used appropriately in cooking. Below is the masala tomato shake recipe to make 3 glasses of tomato shake for spicy lovers. 

tomato juice recipe


  • Full Cup Chopped Tomatoes (Seeds Removed)
  • Cleaned Coriander Leaves 3 branches
  • Salt 1 table Spoon
  • Black Pepper Powder 1/2 table Spoon
  • Water 1 Glass


  1. Blend tomatoes and water for 1-2 minute 
  2. Filter out the tomato shake using filter with bigger nozzles in to another bowl to remove the tomato skin
  3. Add black pepper, salt and mix well until salt dissolves
  4. Pour the Tomato shake in to Glasses and Garnish Coriander leaves on top of it and Serve

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