Lemon Juice, Shikanji, Lemonade, Nimbu Pani, Fresh Lime Juice


Lemon Juice is rich in Vitamin C and has multiple other heath benefits reducing acidity, boosting immunity, helps in weight loss, and energy nutrilizer. Lemon juice made out of lemon for purpose of cooling the body during the summer season. Below is the recipe for making four glasses of Lemon Juice


  • Lemon (Bigger Size)
  • 4 Glasses of Water
  • Sugar 6 table spoon
  • Half Table Spoon Salt

lemon juice


  1. Take out the juice from the lemon in to a cup, remove the seeds is any
  2. Blend Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice and Salt in to a blender for 3 minutes until sugar dissolves
  3. Filter the Juice in to Glasses and Serve Immediately

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