How to Make Masala Chai Powder Masala Tea

Masala Chai is every ones favorite in India, tea is refreshing drink if added home made masala spices then its taste will be awesome. Below is the recipe to make one bottle of Masala Chai powder


  • Cardamom 8 table spoon
  • Black Pepper 4 table spoon
  • Dry Ginger 6 table spoon (20 pieces)
  • Clove 4 table spoon
  • Cinnamon 4 table spoon
  • Nutmeg 3 pieces 

masala tea powder recipe


  1. Take the above Ingredients in to steel plate keep them in the sun for for 4-5 days to remove the moisture.
  2. Grind the mixture into mixer grinder to make fine powder. Filter out the powder and store it in to dry bottle.
  3. Your Masala Chai Powder is ready 
  4. When cooking tea add water, tea leaves and half table spoon of Masala Chai Powder cook until water boils,add milk and sugar and boil until tea smells tasty. Serve Hot with Snacks. 



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