Homemade Sweet Curd Recipe


Sweet Curd can be made in home itself instead depending on buying from outside stores. Preparing Sweet Curd is as simple as Preparing Simple Curd. Below is the Recipe for Sweet Curd

Ingredients for Caramel

  • Cup of Sugar
  • Half Cup of Water

Ingredients for Curd

  • Milk Half Liter
  • Curd 3 table spoon

sweet curd recipe


  1. Take bigger size bigger size cooking vessel add sugar and water. Boil the mixture until golden brown
  2. Once the mixture turns golden brown add the milk in to hot caramel (Be careful during adding)
  3. Keep Stirring the Milk and Caramel mixture until Milk Boils and starts to come out of vessel 
  4. Take out the Milk and leave it to cool in to normal temperature
  5. Once the milk becomes lukewarm add 3 table spoon of curd
  6. Cover the cooking vessel with lid and leave it overnight. 
  7. Early morning your sweet curd is ready. Refrigerate it and start using the Sweet Curd

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