Homemade Banana Sweet Lassi Recipe


Sweet Lassi is a Indian Drink helpful for good digestion after heavy meals and supports body cooling in Summer Season. Below is the Recipe to make two glasses of Sweet Lassi


  1. Elaichi Cardamom 2 pieces
  2. Banana Small
  3. Sugar 3 Spoons
  4. Dahi / Curd / Yogurt ½ Cup
  5. Water 2 cups
  6. Ice Cubes 2 cubes 


Sweet Lassi


  1. Grind the Elaichi Seeds by pealing out the outer layer until it becomes powder and keep that into separate dry cup
  2. Remove the Banana outer layer and cut it in to small pieces
  3. Add ingredients Cut Banana, Sugar, Curd and Water into Blender and Blend for 2 minute until mixture gets smooth
  4. Pour the above Blended Sweet Lassi in to Glasses by adding pinch of Elaichi Powder  
  5. Add one Ice Cubes to each Glass and Serve Immediately Cheers!!!

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