7 Cup Burfi Recipe

7 Cup Burfi an easiest way to make the Sweet Burfi. Making of Sweet Burfi does not require much calculations. This Sweet is made out of six ingredients like Milk, Ghee, Sugar, Gram flour, Grated Coconut, Cashew nuts. 7 Cup Burfi holds good for those who dont know much about preparing or first time cooking person.


  • Milk 1 Cup
  • Ghee 1 Cup
  • White Sugar 3 Cup
  • Gram Flour 1 Cup (Besan)
  • Grate Coconut 1/2 Cup
  • Cashew Nut Powder 1/2 Cup (Cold Compressed)

7 cup burfi recipe


  1. Take pan heat in to medium flame add Gram Flour and Ghee Mix well
  2. Add Sugar, Grated Coconut, Cashew Nut Powder and Milk Mix well 
  3. Keep Mixing the above mixture every two minutes for up to 1 hour until the smooth dough type mixture is formed
  4. Switch off the flame and take out the mixture 
  5. Take square shaped plate or molder add the above mixture in to this and leave it for cooking, make the top surface smooth using spoon
  6. After 5 minutes the mixture would have become hard, cut it into small pieces of any sweet shape and 7 cup burfi is ready



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