Early Morning Items that are must for Men in year 2021

Every Morning starts with a fresh hope of new goal setting new task accomplishments planning. The early morning of every person should be planned carefully as it impact the full day. If the start of the morning is good complete day will be good, if the morning goes bad the complete day turns out to be bad.


Building an Home Gym is the new normal due to the COVID19 pandemic health geeks are planning to get fit inside their homes by building the self designed home gym. Below are soem of the kits recommended to build a Home Gym

Set 1 Check out Home Gym with Gym Exercise, Fitness, Weight Lifting, Body Shaping, Fat Building Kit by SPANCO Link
Set 2 Check out Exercise Dumbell Set Combo Home Gym Setsby BodyFit Link


Regular Yoga and Meditation will reduce stress impact healthy habbits with in life. If you are a person who does yoga/ meditation every morning below are some of the planning kits that you may need to look in.
Set 1 Yoga and Meditation Mat with Carrying Strap Link 
Set 2 Light Weight, Extra Large Made by EVA Quality Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap (Pink) by Sasimo Link

Personnel Hygiene and Cleanliness

Body Care and Tooth Care is very important habit of everyday with out this the day does not start. to wash out the dirty cells and clean your self to a fresh start of the day.
Personnel Hygiene Set : Germ Protection Bathing Soap Link Disposable Razors Link Cleaning clothes men Link Shampoo Link
Teeth Hygiene : Strong Teeth Anti cavity Toothpaste Link and for Sensitive Teeth Link Mouthwash men Link

Morning Breakfast

Early Morning breakfast should start with dry fruits to rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Dry fruits like Almonds, Cashews, Blue Berries, Pistachios. Some even soak the Almonds whole night in water and consume them early morning by pealing the Almond skin. Even some take mixture of glass of hot water with one table spoon of honey.

Set 1 Check out Dry Fruits Solimo dry fruits combo pack Link
Set 2 Check out Natural Honey Link


If you are a person who is good reader and has the habit of reading here are the books that are recommended for personality development books 

Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrantby Kiyosaki, Robert T. Link
7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness by Mukundananda, Swami Link
Mind is your Business / Body the Greatest Gadget by Sadhguru Link
Chanakya Neeti with Chanakya Sutras Link

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