Installing a Logical Partition LPAR using HMC Command Line lpar_netboot

Hardware Management Console Provides command line as well as gui option to install the partition. Using lpar_netboot will enable the user to install the partition either vios / lpar using command line. Below is the procedure

1. Trigger the AIX build from nim server to lpar / vios

2. Remove the VTERM if the partition console is open

hscroot@myhmc1:~> rmvterm -m system_name -p lpar_name

3. Start the installation using lpar_netboot, where we need to provide nim_server_ip, gateway_ip, lpar_ip or vios_ip, lpar_name, lpar_profile and system_name.

hscroot@myhmc1:~> lpar_netboot -t ent -l U78C9.001.WZS0A4H-P1-C9-T2 -s auto -d auto -S nim_server_ip -G gateway_ip -C lpar_ip "lpar_name" "lpar_profile" "system_name"
# Connecting to lpar_name.
# Connected
# Checking for power off.
# Power off the node.
# Wait for power off.
# Power off complete.
# Power on lpar_name to Open Firmware.
# Power on complete.
# Getting adapter location codes.
# Network booting install adapter.
# bootp sent over network.
# Network boot proceeding, lpar_netboot is exiting.
# Finished.

The installation will start automatically after executing the command either its vios / lpar.

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