Time Management Tips During Working from Home

Time management tips are very important during work from home. If you don’t try to manage the time, you will start feeling time has run out of your hands and you find over working, stressed and frustrated with your day and there will be a time where you start disliking your own work.

Ever person has only eight hours of work hours, but it is up to that person how he effectively manages these eight hours of work and gets his task done effectively. The more you are effective in completing your task the more you get skilled in time management. Below are some of the tips to manage your work during work from home

Working from Home

Family responsibilities

Family responsibility are part of day to day activities they cannot be left out. Family responsibilities list include washing, stacking, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids are part of activities they should be completed before starting your work. So that these activities do not get in middle of work during your working time.

Spend Time in Planning

During the start of the working hours 5- 10 minutes of time should be spent on planning your day task. The tasks that you will undertaking during the day. Divide your task list in to heavy weight task that requires much of your attention in the priority list and other light weight task that you are comfortable working during the time of ending your working day.

If a given task depends on your colleague’s information or completion of your colleague task then try to add them at priority list, try to take the help during first half of the day.

Cut down tasks that does not matter
There will be some tasks that does not depend on achieving your main work, tasks like providing guidance to junior, updating your time sheet, attending training session that are not related to your work. These tasks can be ignored or some time postponed.

Divide the Working Day

Divide the working day in to four slots of 100 minutes. Allocate first two slots to first half and second half the next two slots. The most important task should be considered in first half and the least important task should be considered later. Research shows that human brain is more effective during the start of the day.

Stay away from Social Networking Websites

Facebook, Twitter, Insta, WhatsApp and other social networking websites drag your work attention to any catchy event that’s currently trending. The working time spend on social networking websites should be cut down because the time spent on these sites doesn’t yield anything, instead it’s a loss of time.

There are 1000’s of social networking algorithm that are working on you they monitor your search interest and then try to drag you to event that’s related to your search events. There is nothing wrong spending time on social networking but the time that you spend on social networking should be out of your working hours.

Take Break every working hour
Human Body is designed to follow work-rest-work-rest cycle. If you take break in the middle of working you get more effective in completing the targeted work. Breaks during working hour are very much important to get your mind refreshed. If you don’t find time to take break you shall get stressed, find your work get overwhelmed.

Wind up at the right time

You should close your laptop sharp at 5 or 6 pm depending o your office end time. Taking up or working extra during evening or night times will not finish the actual work but it adds up additional work to your task list. Work undertaken after the working hours will never complete the same day, it adds up the next day as well or you may have to rework again on the same task initiated the previous day.

Work From Home Tips 

COVID19 has bought lot of challenging times to working community around the World. One of the challenges working community is facing is about settling down with the work from home culture that 90 percent of working community were not aware. Below are some of the ideas that make working from home efficiently.


Working from Home Efficiently 

1.     Calm, Positive and Healthy Mindset

Whatever is happening in and around the world irrespective of that you should keep your mind calm, think positive and have a healthy mindset. World is facing the challenges due to COVID19, Natural Calamity and Hate Speeches and there are videos circulating in media that can scare you and make you depressed. You should be aware that problem is temporary and will resolve by giving it time. Keep your self-engaged in your day to day work, believe in positive and Healthy Mindset.

2.     Home Office

As suddenly, the office working community across the world was in disruption and transformed it to working from home. There is a serious need to build the office environment in Home, so it requires making space for your work at home. Either its setting up room, table or chair this should be must as COVID19 is here and it does not go away until effective vaccine is found and provided to all. During the office hours you generally sit straight and work if this is not followed you may get back pain, pain in joints etc. So building up the Home Office should be essential to make your self comfortable during the time of Work From Home

3.     Planning is Essential

Yeah you heard it right planning is essential, get up early morning and get yourself in to planning mindset. Plan the tasks that you will be doing today so that the tasks will not miss out. If you don’t plan the tasks you may forget them and miss the deadlines of achieving them.

Divide your day in to four working slots 9-11am, 11-1pm, 2-4pm and 4-6pm. Work continuously with out any break during these times. Once the slot completes you can take a 5-15 minutes break depending on your work schedule. Don’t exceed above 6pm in the evening If some work is pending, plan to complete the next day. This schedule is like your office timings and will fit to achieve maximum productivity.

4.     Take Short Breaks from Work

Yes, short breaks are necessary when you continuously focus on any work, this will shift your thinking in to some thing else and help you in to relaxation of your brain cells and eyes if you are staring at your computers for long time. The breaks may include listening songs / coffee breaks / reading book / short family time / reading news / relaxing / light stretch workout / checking WhatsApp messages etc. After short break you will feel relaxed and more focused when you get back to work.

5.     Use Communicating Software Effectively

Communicating Software like Skype / Zoom / Slack etc offer wide variety of features but the principles they work are same they offer status updates, communicating with colleagues, making groups, commenting on messages, audio or video calling, file sharing. The status feature is effective to update your status like taking break, in a meeting, Working on something critical stuff that does not require disturbance, offline for lunch, having a power cut etc. Get your status updated as required this will help in understanding you in a better way. Communicate with colleagues effectively if you feel just text mode is hard way to communicate use call option and start over. Ask work related help from colleagues whenever you require, delaying things will cause you to forget and miss the deadlines. Update your phone number as part of status message, it requires someone who is in require of urgent information will call you using the mobile number.

6.     Collaborate in Team Meetings Effectively

Mix with the trend either positive or negative, speak up whenever required and collaborate effectively into meetings. Go with mute for some time if you are facing family disturbance fix the problem and get back to work. Its okay if you have crazy kids popping in to meetings, your colleagues understand these as they are in to same situation at their homes.

7.     Take Soft Skills Trainings

Organization understand soft skill matter a lot for employees during the difficult times during COVID19. The mindset trainings like maintaining positive mindset, reducing stress, managing loneliness, managing depression,

8.     Don't Work in Night Hours

Working late night hours will only extend work, add stress, and you may miss the sleep thinking about the deadline or work. If you are having pending work that missed your deadline then its your problem and you should admit it. The reason is either you are lacking in planning the work or lacking in your skills that the work demands.

9.     Get Skilled learn to solve problems

COVID19 has bought a tremendous opportunity to cut down the travel time and this time should be effectively used. The time can be used for Workouts if you are health conscious or it can be used to Up skill yourself in your area. The extra time that COVID19 has bought to you by cutting down the down the travel should be realized and used effectively. Make some time to read books, watch videos that educate you in your area and continuing this activity day by day will cultivate a Hobby.


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