Introduction to C Programming

C programming is a procedure oriented programming language that requires user to code the set of instructions in to a function. C programming was developed by American Scientist Dennis Ritchie working at AT & T Bell Labs in the year 1972 to code Unix Operating System and functionalities. C program language are used to write UNIX and Linux Operating System, Forms basis of C++, Python, PHP and Ruby programming language, Develop Internet and Telecom protocols and some database development.


American Scientist Dennis Ritchie

Installation of C Compiler on Windows

Download executable mingw-get-setup.exe from website and select the gcc and other utilities while installing the C compiler.

Download Open Source IDE Eclipse or NetBeans for development of C and set the environment variables path in my computer properties option to compiler  "C:\Program Files (x86)\MinGW\bin"

Installing C Compiler in RHEL and Centos

# yes | yum group install "Development Tools"

Installing C Compiler in Ubuntu

# apt install build-essential

Verifying the C Programming Installation 

# gcc --version

The above command should print the version of C Compiler.

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