Add vSCSI disk to LPAR using HMC GUI

Hardware Management Console (HMC) provides graphical interface to add the vSCSI device, the device may be a Physical Disk (commonly known as physical volume PV), the Logical Volume (LV), the SSP Storage Pool disk or the Flash Storage disk.

During the addition of vSCSI disk the Logical Partition can be in Not Activated state or in Running state. In case of Running State to add the vSCSI disk the RMC state should be in active.
Add vSCSI disk to LPAR using HMC GUI


Adding vSCSI to the Logical Partition via HMC GUI is very simple go to the logical partition virtual 
storage section and select Add Physical Volume or Add Share Storage Pool Volume or Add Logical Volume as per the type of disk you wish to add to Logical Partition.

After selecting the disk we need to add the unique name to the disk, above scenario have added normaldisk01 as my unique name to the Physical Volume. If needed we can also select multiple disk and add them their unique names, once the naming is done we need to click OK.
Add vSCSI disk to LPAR using HMC GUI


If in case where disk need to be mapped to existing mapping then we can select Pencil button under Edit Connection and select the existing mapping from the drop down list of vSCSI mapping.

Once addition of vSCSI disk is completed we will require to run "lspv" and "cfgmgr" on the running Logical Partition and then again run "lspv" command to confirm the disk have been added to LPAR.

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