Running Virtual HMC on KVM based x86 RHEL host.

Running Virtual HMC on KVM based x86 RHEL host

Virtual Hardware Management Console  (vHMC) is a customized IBM Linux Partition that runs on x86 and ppc64 hardware. HMC can also be deployed on KVM based host machine. In this article we will be deploying a virtual HMC.

For deploying the Virtual HMC we require the HMC software tar file it will be named like this for 930 version HMC9.1.930.0-2005042012-x86_64.KVM.tgz for x86 hardware and for ppc64le it will be like HMC9.1.930.0-2005042012-ppc64le.KVM.tgz.

Install the Virtualization Client, Virtualization Hypervisor and Virtualization Tools during the installation of RHEL Software, below is the snap of software selection during the time of installation.

Find the file system where space is more and and HMC file system can be present, then place the above mentioned tar file in the file system and untar the file and then perform list file.

# ls
checksum  data  dd  disk1.img  domain.xml  Readme.html  user_data

Edit the domain.xml and modify the source file and add the path to disk1.img as given below 
<source file='/home/hmc/vhmc/disk1.img'/>

Add the HMC host name   <name>vhmc9</name> and add the architecture type as x86_64     <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-i440fx-rhel7.6.0'>hvm</type> . To list out the supported architectures use command virsh capabilities. Only we require three modification host name, source file path and architecture. Network settings and other details should be left blank as it will configure the network by itself in case of first time HMC Installation, If there is existing mac address it can be given in the interface XML tag.

    <interface type='direct'>
      <mac address='MA:CC:AD:DR:EE:SS'/>
      <source dev='eno1' mode='bridge'/>
      <model type='virtio'/>
      <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x03' function='0x0'/>

Run the below command to define the vhmc 

virsh define domain.xml

        Define the vhmc 

virsh list --all
        List the virtual guest operating system 

virsh start vhmc
       Start the hmc

Open the VNC Console and then open Virtual Machine Manager you will see the vhmc running open the console by double clicking the vhmc or right click the virtual machine and click open and then accept the license.

After accepting the license the HMC Console is displayed, login to hmc as usual with the default user id hscroot and its password, start configuring the network and start connecting the Manage System.

Remove the vHMC the command is virsh destroy vhmc destroys the vhmc and virsh undefine vhmc9 will remove the definition / LPAR Profile from the KVM Host.

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