Add or Remove any adapter to or from partition using HMC GUI

Add or Remove any adapter to partition using HMC GUI 

Hardware Management Console HMC will provide two options to add or remove the adapter from or to the Logical Partition. User can add or remove the adapter using GUI or CLI interfaces. In this article will be looking at the Graphical Web Interface where we will be adding and removing the SAS adapater.

Adding the Adapter

Login to the HMC and select the partition that you wish to add the adapter. There may be different adapters connected to system i.e, network adapter, SAS disk adapter, Fibre Channel adapter, Fibre Channel over Ethernet FCoE adapter etc etc. These adapters can be added and removed based on their requirement to user. To select the adapter and click add and save the partition settings as below screenshot.

We can also mention the time in minutes that requires for the adapter to get added in to the LPAR/ VIOS. By default is 5 minutes we can increase it by providing the 10 minutes time out in the box provided above. Upon the time out if the HMC is unable to add the adapter it will get timed out and adapter addition gets roll back.

After Saving is done, go to logical partition command line interface and execute "cfgmgr" or "cfgdev" to configure and refresh the adapter / device connected to Logical Partition.

Remove the Adapter

Removal of adapter can also be done with the help of same page, just click on the adapter and select the actions and click remove. Before the removal we need to remove the software configuration for network adapters rmdev -dl entX and for disk adapters rmdev -dl fscX or rmdev -dl sissasX where X is the number assigned by VIOS or LPAR. If we are trying to run rmdev using padmin user that have less privilege the we need to use rmdev -dev entX/ rmdev -dev fcsX and rmdev -dev sissasX. where usage changes. and then try to remove the respective adapter.

With these GUI interfaces we try to add and remove the respective adapter to or from the Logical Partition or VIOS Server.

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