lshmc list hardware management console configuration details

lshmc - HMC Command Line to list configuration details

lshmc is a comand that lists the configuration details of HMC, the configuration details include bios details, hmc dhcp network settings, call home details, HMC hardware information, Integrated Memory Module (IMM) or Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) details, locale settings, hmc network settings, remote access and security settings, vpd info and hmc build version information.

The other network information that lshmc can be used to query are hmc firewall configuration, network bond information, network route information, ntp server information and hmc syslog information.

Below are the example of using the command lshmc

lshmc -V
        lists the hmc build version information.

lshmc -v
        Queries the vital product information such as hmc type, model number, serial number, network address (ip address of hmc) and hmc build version.

lshmc -b
        lists the bios module information

lshmc -D
        lists the DHCP settings that will be used for DHCP Power System, ip address range with netmask.

lshmc -e
        lists the call home settings enabled/ disabled

lshmc -i ( or ) lshmc --bmc
        displays the imm or bmc ip address and network details that manages the hmc.

lshmc -l
        displays the current locale information. -L displays all the locale settings supported by this hmc.

lshmc -n
        lists hmc hostname, domain, ip address, netmask, gateway, nameserver, ipv6 address, jumbo frame setting and network quality settings.

lshmc -r
       lists the remote connection settings such as ssh, remote web gui, xntp settings, LDAP , Kerberos and Security settings.

lshmc --firewall
       lists the hmc firewall rules with application level.

lshmc --netbond
       list the netbond information

lshmc --netroute
       lists the routing information

lshmc --ntpserver
       lists the network time protocol server configuration settings

lshmc --syslog
       list the syslog server configuration

The more common used commands are lshmc -V and lshmc -n to list the hmc build information and to list the network settings.

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