IBM announces Next-Generation POWER10 Processor Roadmap

IBM announces Next-Generation POWER10 Processor

IBM on Monday announced Next Generation POWER10 Processor built with 7nano meter technology manufactured by Samsung Electronics. POWER10 is a family of Processor designed to suite high enterprise workload used to suite Artificial Intelligence computing and Hybrid Cloud Computing.

IBM announces Next-Generation POWER10 Processor

IBM also said POWER10 is result of five years of research related to POWER Processors new and pending patents. POWER10 will be a road map in POWER Processor Family. IBM POWER10 will be available from second half of 2021.

Below is the solutions offered by POWER10
  • Delivers 3x faster workload processing with 3 times energy efficient compared to POWER9
  • Offers Hardware Memory Encryption required for Securing Hybrid Cloud Containers
  • A new technology Memory Inception will provide flexibility in Hybrid Cloud Deployments
  • POWER10 provides greater AI Insights by infusing 20x faster AI inference than POWER9 

IBM launching POWER10 next year will be a game change in POWER Processing technology having 7 nano meter fabrication. IBM POWER10 will have an impact in Enterprise Cloud Market and Artificial Intelligence Computing

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