How to find Power System AIX Network Adapter Name using Feature Code.

Finding Network Adapter Names Connected to Power System

Finding the adapter name that is connected to Power System is an easy task. Login to the Hardware Management Console that the Power System is connected to and get the Feature Code of the adapter.

Network adapters everglade houston austin slate

HMC Command to get Feature code name

$ lshwres -r io --rsubtype slot -m system1 -Funit_phys_loc:lpar_name:description:drc_name:feature_codes
U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2:null:PCIe3 4-Port 16Gb FC Adapter:U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2-P1-C9:578E,EL5W,EL5X,EN1C,EN1D
U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2:null:1 Gigabit Ethernet (UTP) 4 Port Adapter PCIE-4x/Short:U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2-P1-C11:5260,5899
U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2:null:PCIe3 4-port 10GbE SR Adapter:U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2-P1-C8:EN15,EN16
U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2:null:PCIe3 2 PORT 10 Gb NIC&ROCE SR/Cu ADAPTER:U78D2.001.WZS0KJ2-P1-C5:EC2S,EC3R

This will list out the Feature code as given above 578E,EL5W,EL5X,EN1C,EN1D / 5260,5899 / EN15,EN16 and EC2S,EC3R

Get the Feature code and map it with the names mentioned in the below table

 Name                                      Feature Code                                                                  
 austin  5260,5899 
 gto  EJ0J,EJ0M
 haleakala  2CF3,EC66,EC67
 poseidon-3.2tb     59B6,EC5L 
 SAS  2053,2054,2055,5901,5909,5911 
 houston  EN0M,EN0N 
 shiner  EN0S,EN0T 
 spookfish  5729
 houston-sr  EN0H,EN0J
 redfish  5787,EL5U,EL5V,EN1A,EN1B 
 everglades-25g  EC2T,EC2U
 slate  EN15,EN16
 poseidon-1.6tb  59B5,EC5K 
 bluefish  578E,EL5W,EL5X,EN1C,EN1D
 slate  EN17,EN18 
 glacierpark  EC3L,EC3M 
 coho 5273,5735,577D,EL2N,EL58    
 austin  5899
 lilac-usb  EC45,EC46
 bluefin  EN0B,EN0A 
 shiner-t  EN0W,EN0X
 everglades-10g EC2S,EC3R
 poseidon-800gb  59B4,EC5J
 houston-cu  EN0K,EN0L 
 bolt-1.6tb  58FC,EC5A,EC5B
 sailfish  EN0Y,EN12   

By mapping the feature codes from the above table to its names we get to know the name of the adapters. In the above example system1 is cabled to four adapters they are bluefish / austin / slate and everglades-10g respectively

Power System Network Adapter Names

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