Hardware Management Console HMC GUI Introduction

Hardware Management Console HMC

HMC is an integral part of IBM Power System Bucket that manages multiple Power Systems in to a single Graphical or Command line user interface. In this article we introduce the first page of HMC GUI that you should be aware and helps you to login to the console.

To open the HMC GUI you should open the browser, HMC Enhanced GUI Supports all types of browsers Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari are major. Then enter the HMC Fully Qualified Domain Name or the HMC IP address on the browser address bar and click enter.

We get the HMC GUI Loaded as given in below screenshot, in some cases there may be issue with the certification then go to additional option provided on the page that gets loaded and accept the certificate and proceed to HMC Console.

The above HMC console can be divided in to three sections 

  1. Login Section
  2. System, Partition and VIOS health Status Section
  3. Social Section 

Login Section 

Login Section of HMC is where we need to enter the HMC admin user id and its password. Upon entering the user name and password click sign in and it will lead you to the HMC Dashboard where all the Power Systems connected to the HMC will be displayed. If HMC User admin id and password is incorrect it will throw an error "Invalid login credentials specified."

HMC also offers LDAP, Kerberos, Multi Factor authentication in case of LDAP and Kerberos user ID and Password can be used to login to the HMC. In case of Multi Factor Authentication is configured HMC login page will display the policy and id field to highly secure the user accounts. Policy field will be provided by HMC Admin and ID can be generated using RSA device. Upon successfully entry of policy and id the HMC loads the Dashboard. Else throws and error "Error processing specified policy name"

System, Partition and VIOS health Status Section

This section displays the health of Power System, Logical Partitions (LPAR) and Virtual I/O Servers that are connected to the HMC. The Power System, LPAR and VIOS are termed as resources of HMC. So if the resources are in error state, no connection state, failed authentication state this section will count the number of issues and will report in the Health Status Section.

In the above HMC login page its termed as there is one system connected to HMC, System having two Logical Partitions with two Virtual I/O servers running and all are in good state.

In the second screen shot given below HMC is connected to multiple systems out of them three Power Systems are having issue / with error state. There are 739 logical partitions and 98 VIOS running under the Power System that are healthy. This page is dynamic it will display the statistics when ever there is a change in systems health live.

There are other two sections below listing Attention LED and Serviceability Events. Attention LED occurs when there is an issue with the hardware components, If issue occurs with specific hardware component then the specific LED is turned on. Serviceability Events are related to both software and hardware examples like HMC file system getting full, Adapter unsupported, System connected to more than two recommended HMC etc etc.

Social Section

This section are the links to Linked in Group IBM PowerVM, dW IBM developer works community wiki pages and YouTube channel named PowerVM Channel, All these are support channel where we can ask questions and get answers to IBM Power System Question.

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