Enabling the dev login using the FSP GUI or Command line

Enabling the dev login using the FSP GUI or Command line

Generally when the Power System gets out of factory and sets in to production environment we need to set some of the login accesses with out these we will not be able to fully leverage the accesses that are provided to us. Primarily the dev user access of FSP generally will be disabled by default and admin access will be enabled. Using the admin access FSP does not provide us the service processor command line, but using dev access we can get the access to service processor command line.

In general scenario we can login to FSP Graphical interface using the FSP IP. The same ip address that we get it from the hmc command line by executing the HMC command "lssyscfg -r sys -m system1 -Fname:ipaddr". Upon getting the FSP ip address goto the browser and enter the ip address in the address bar with https secure. We get prompted with the login prompt.

Using GUI

For enabling the dev access we need to get the celogin password during the setting up of Power System. celogin passwords are temperory and keep changing on daily basis, after getting the celogin login to the above FSP gui, Select the "Login Profile" then "User access Policy" and Select "dev" user and enable option.

Using GUI by Executing FSP Command

Login as celogin user in to the FSP gui Select the option "System Service Aids" from the left panel and Select "Service Processor Command Line" in the command prompt enter the below command

/opt/fips/bin/netsDynPwdTool --create dev password    


/alt/opt/fips/bin/netsDynPwdTool --create dev password

In some cases the command "netsDynPwdTool" may be present in some other paths need to find out or mount from other machines to FSP and then execute it. password should be changed to any other secret password of user choice before executing the above command.

Disabling the FSP Firewall

After enabling the dev access we should be able to login to FSP as dev/password. If unable to login then we should try disabling the FSP Firewall using the command "iptables -F". Entering the firewall disable command we enable the ssh and telnet access to the FSP users.

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