Creating Advanced Memory Sharing using HMC GUI

Advanced Memory Sharing using HMC GUI

Advanced Memory Sharing is a feature of PowerVM where it enables the virtualization of Virtual I/O Server disks to be used as Main Memory of Logical Partition. After configuring the shared memory pool we can start assigning the shared memory to Logical Partition.

Creating Share Storage Pool

Login to HMC Graphical Interface and select the systems page of the Power System and from the left panel select the Shared Memory Pool it will launch new dialogue box to create Advanced Memory Sharing.

The dialogue box will look some thing like this where it will require the size of memory pool, selecting the list of vios where disk are present and enabling and disabling the Active Memory Duplication options are provided.

Select the size of pool and maximum pool size should be less than the available system memory. In the below example we are providing the maximum pool size as 20 and the pool size as 10GB.

Select the list of vios from the populated list of vios list that will be part of shared memory pool. Please note that the vios will be listed only if they are running and RMC is active.

Now once the decision of shared memory size and vios list is done we will be prompted to select the disks that will be part of shared memort pool. Click select devices and click the Refresh option in the next window. Select the Refresh button to get the disk listed

Upon clicking the refresh button the HMC GUI searches the selected vios for the free disks that can be used for the purpose of creating the shared memory pool, this will also list the shared disks if the disks are shared between the selected vios

Once selection of pool size, vios list and disks we need to create the memory pool by clicking finish option. The shared memory pool will be created, note that there can be only one memory pool in a given system and we cannot create more than one.

We can delete the shared storage pool by selecting the Delete Pool option. Before deleting the shared memory pool we should make sure that the partitions that are part of shared memory are not using this pool anymore. The partitions present in the system should not use shared memory from this pool if being used it will throw a message that some of the partitions are still using the shared memory and pool cant be deleted

There is another option in pool properties to list the paging devices and modify the existing sizes, if the partitions are currently using the shared memory pool we cannot remove we will be having option only to extend.

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