Create AIX Logical Partition Using HMC GUI

Create AIX Logical Partition Using HMC GUI

Hardware Management Console provides web interfaces for performing multiple operation on Power Systems. Creating a Logical Partition we need Power System to be connected to the HMC is one of the Prerequisite. 

To create the Logical Partition click on the Power System and it will lead you to the Logical Partitions Page then click Create Partition as highlighted in the below screen shot.

Basic Partition Configuration

Upon clicking the Create Partition it will launch a menu as given below. In the Basic Partition Configuration provide the Logical Partition Name, leave the Partition ID as blank so that HMC will assign the unique ID. Then select the Partition type as AIX/Linux or IBMi depending on need and also provide the max virtual adapter client slots as 500.

Processor Configuration

After filling up the Basic Partition Configuration select the Processor Configuration here there are two option we can choose to either provide the processor in Shared mode or in Dedicated mode. Shared mode processor will allow the CPU cores to be shared among other partitions that are present in the Power System. Dedicated option will allocate the CPU cores only to this Logical Partition.

Dedicated Processor can be allocated with Min as 2 Allocated as 4 and Max as 8 processor. Similarly if we select a Shared mode the Virtual Processor can be allocated Min 2, Allocated 4 and Max 8. The Processing Units can be provided as 0.2 Min, Allocated as 0.4 and Maximum as 0.8. These values are just for example only, if needed for much higher efficiency these can be increased as well.

Memory Configuration

After providing the Processor Details select Memory Configuration, here we get to enter the values in Giga Byte (GB) or Mega Byte (MB) for more precise purpose we will work only with GB. Just foe example we have provided the Min value as 4GB, Allocated memory as 8GB and Maximum as 16 GB. If needed these values can be increased up to Maximum Memory available in the Power System.

Upon completing all the three Basic, CPU and Memory configuration click OK button. Upon selecting the OK it will start creating the logical partition. Once creation is successfull it will display a success message as given below.

If the Logical Partition creation is failing then we need to figure out the reason for failure. If the reason failure is the lack of resources like Memory or CPU Power System and HMC is unable to allocate enough Memory and CPU then try to create with the left out memory and CPU or make enough memory and CPU for the new Logical Partition (partition3). Else try to make space for new partition by decreasing other partitions resources like Memory and CPU


Once the Logical Partition is created we can check the properties by double clicking the Partition. As we know that main resource that a Logical Partition requires four resource like Memory (RAM), CPU, Network and Storage. We need to assign the network and storage to the Logical Partition and then activate the Logical Partition.

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