Novalink or Neo partition log collection

Neo Partition log collection

Collecting the logs of neo partition is similar to that of hmc log collection. To collect login as padmin/neo user and then execute pedbg command as given below

[neo@myneolpar ~]$ pedbg -c -q 4
Processing collection...
Info: the pvm_admin information is captured, but some information that requires root was not captured such as rsct logs or current javacore logs.
Generated /home/neo/
[neo@myneolpar ~]$

With padmin/neo user there is info, rsct loga and javacore logs are not collected. Better use root user to collect the logs

[root@myneolpar ~]#
[root@myneolpar ~]# pedbg -c -q 4
Processing collection...
Generated /root/
[root@myneolpar ~]#

With the root user complete set of logs get collected. Once log collection is done transfer the log using scp to safe place for debugging purpose.