HMC log collection

HMC logs collection

When ever the hmc gets hit with the error or a crash we can collect the snap shots and hmc logs. To collect the hmc logs we requires special user access hmc product engineer (hscpe) user access.

To check if hscpe user exits
lshmcusr | grep hscpe

If user does not exist create one hscpe user execute the below command as hscroot user.
mkhmcusr -u hscpe -a hmcpe -d "hmc log collector"

The interactive command mkhmcusr will prompt for the password for newly created user hscpe. If no prompt then set the password for the user using chhmcusr
chhmcusr -u hscpe -t passwd

To list down the hscpe user we can execute lshmcusr command
lshmcusr | grep hscpe

Then login to ssh hscpe@localhost and enter the password. Then execute command pedbg -c -q 4 to start the log collection.

hscroot@myhmc:~> ssh hscpe@localhost
[hscpe@myhmc ~] $
[hscpe@myhmc ~] $
[hscpe@myhmc ~] $ pedbg -c -q 4
Starting at Sat Apr 25 13:41:31 UTC 2018

     Collecting the network information.

     Collecting Kerberos information.
     Collecting LDAP information.
     Collecting user information.
     Collecting PTF History.
     Collecting NTP information.
     Collecting certificate information.

     Collecting base HMC logs

     Dumping the object repository

     Archived HMC repository dump files

     Archived HMC repository dump file log file

     Gather ccfw info
     Gather RSCT/RMC ctsnap and spooling in dump/rsct
     Gather ServiceRM, LparCmdRM logs in dump/rsct
     Gather DRM logs in dump/rsct
     Gather drmgr logs in dump/rsct

     Collecting extended HMC log information.
        This operation can take a few minutes

     Collecting VIO environment information.

     Collect screen captures

     Get the profiles data

     Generating hardware server dump file

     Look for javacores

     Look for heapdumps

     Collecting extended CIM log information.
       This operation can take a few minutes

     Collecting extended hardware server log information.
       This operation can take a few minutes

 Collecting PMC logs
 Collecting PMC installed rpms info
 Collecting PMC log files
 Collecting service dumps
 Service dumps initiated, sleep for 10 seconds to make sure dumps are completed
 Collecting PMC configuration information
 Collecting ESA JVM Dump files
 ESA dump initiated, sleep for 5 seconds to makesure dump is completed
 Removing ESA JVM Dump files
{"status":"success","data":{"name":"212341234Z-60ab4cd67ef88ab6"}}Prometheus snapshot captured successfully

 File /dump/ was created.
Done at Sat Apr 25 13:49:32 UTC 2018
[hscpe@myhmc ~] $

You will able to find /dump/ log file transfer this file to hmc support.