eflash Power System

eflash is a method to completely wipe out the power systems firmware and install and activate the new firmware. This technique is used when the system is installed with unsigned version of firmware and the user need to make the firmware run with signed version of firmware.

eflash can be executed on any linux machine installed with bash installed. Below is the command and its attributes to eflush

eflush commands are given below for low end Power8 System

export PATH="/Path-to-esw-eflash_fips-command-bin-directory/bin/":$PATH
eflash_fips --flash both --indir ${IMG_PATH} --plat p8${TYPE} --verbose --fsp ${FSP} --ship

    --indir The image directory of signed version of firmware
    --plat signifies Power7/Power8/Power9 TYPE signifies le/mr/he/db Low End/Mid Range/High End/Blade
    --verbose to display extra the logs
    --fsp FSP ip address
    --ship If lab version not required to be installed