Create Etherchannel

In Short

Create Etherchannel in NIB Mode
      1. smit etherchannel, 
      2. Select Add An EtherChannel / Link Aggregation
      3. Select the interface entX
      4. Select Backup Adapter entY by Pressing Escape-4 key 
      5. Press Enter
Create Etherchannel in LACP Mode follow the above five steps and execute below command on created etherchannel adapter
      1. chdev -l entZ -a mode=8023ad 
Mode 8023ad will change the Etherchannel from NIB mode to LACP.

Detailed Explanation

Etherchannel is a virtual adapter combination of two adapters to create bond for the purpose of back up and fail over. When Primary adapter is down with network outage the backup adapter will support the network traffic. With this the availability of network to a partition is maintained.

There are two modes of Etherchannel Network Interface Backup (NIB) mode and another Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) mode. NIB mode supports not only adding Physical adapter but also Virtual Adapters. Virtual Adapters are not supported in LACP Mode.

Create Etherchannel NIB LACP

In NIB mode the bandwidth is not shared between its adapters that contributes to Etherchannel, if one adapter goes down backup adapter will channel the network traffic. In case of LACP mode the network bandwidth is distributed across the adapters that contributes to the Etherchannel.

To check mode of etherchannel use lsattr

# lsattr -El entZ | grep -i mode
mode            8023ad         EtherChannel mode of operation                                 True

To check physical adapter is serving the network

# entstat -d entZ | grep -i active
Active channel: primary channel
                LACP activity: Active
                LACP activity: Active

Delete Etherchannel Adapter

  1. Delete the etherchannel remove the interface of etherchannel having ip address configured.
# rmdev -dl enZ
enZ deleted

  1. Execute smit etherchannel
  2. Select Remove An EtherChannel / Link Aggregation
  3. Select entZ
  4. Press Enter will remove the Etherchannel
To know mode about Etherchannel fail over and recovery refer the article ethchan_config