How to change hmc user password ?

Change hmc user password 

Hardware Management Console (HMC) offers user management command line as well as web based gui. So there are two ways of change password of hmc user. Below we will 

Change password using GUI

Login to hmc web console using the privileged user and select Users and Security >> Users and Roles as given in the below GUI

To change the current users password click first option Change User Password. If you are a privileged user and requires to change other users password select second option Manage User Profiles and Access then select appropriate user and click as User >> Modify / view option and we get the option to change the password.

Change password using command line

We will be using chhmcusr command to change the password, below are the three formats of chhmcusr command we can use to change password
  1. chhmcusr -u newuser -t passwd -v MyNewPass007
  2. chhmcusr -i "name=newuser,passwd=MyNewPass007"
  3. chhmcusr -u hscroot -t passwd
First and second command formats are providing the password as a argument / parameter in the command itself. This is not highly recommended because the passwords can be seen and will be recorded in history

Last format is recommended where the command will prompt for user input and the user types the password its not been seen by the eyes or not recorded in history.