Why did my SEA go into defined state ?

Answer :

To understand why SEA went in to defined state we need to understand the basics of SEA. SEA is a bridge adapter between your physical and virtual network adapter. There are two ends of bridge one physical adapter and second virtual network adapter. If either one of this ends breaks or not available the SEA will go in to defined state. 

In case of VIOS there may be removal of either physical adapter (ent440) or removal of virtual adapter (ent441)  that causes SEA (ent442) to go to defined state.

# lsdev | grep ent
ent440       Available 00-00       PCIe4 2-port 100GbE RoCE Adapter x16
ent441       Available                   Virtual I/O Ethernet Adapter (l-lan)
ent442       Defined                      Shared Ethernet Adapter

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