How to remove SEA in VIOS ?

Answer :

Caution : Removal of SEA will cause network failure in AIX and VIOS lpars that SEA is serving. To remove SEA in VIOS we need to login to vterm of VIOS.

Remove the SEA Adapter assuming entZ

rmdev -dl enZ
rmdev -dl etZ
rmdev -dl entZ

Remove the Virtual Adapter assuming entY

rmdev -dl enY
rmdev -dl etY
rmdev -dl entY

Then remove the Physical Adapter assuming entZ

rmdev -dl enX
rmdev -dl etX
rmdev -dl entX

Then run commands cfgmgr or cfgdev depending on the user you have logged in.

Perform lsdev | grep ent we will be able to re configure all the adapters back and SEA will be removed. To have VIOS pinging configure the network on entX using smit mktcpip command.

To create a SEA refer to my old link here

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